OPCICON ONE-STEP: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Emergency Contraception “I had unprotected sex March 20th & March 21th went to go buy plan b but they had ran out so bought opcicon one-step took it and had all the side effects. At the end of March had a second period I had it the 12th & last week of the month (I can’t remember what day ) and no period all month of April. I have been cramping and warm body throwing up and tender boobs. I’m scared I could be pregnant – I have not taken a test yet but will soon and I’ll let y’all know if the pill worked!!!”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) April 28, 2017

For Emergency Contraception “I had unprotected sex on May 28th. He ejaculated outside, but because we did it a couple of times, I freaked out. I took Opcicon One Step 4-6 hours later and felt the side effects immediately. I was slightly nauseous, fatigue, had lower abdomen cramps and bloated the first week. One week later (June 4th) I bled for 4 days, spotty with dark blood. I continued feeling bloated, indigestion, stomach cramps, sharp/dull pain in nipples, and extreme mood swings from stress and hormones the entire month of June and the first week of July. My period for July was late so I took over 10 pregnancy tests (all negative) over the course of 1 month but I finally got it today! It’s heavier than usual and I didn’t even feel it coming but I’m not complaining!”

learnedmylesson July 17, 2016

For Emergency Contraception “I can’t wait to share my experience.June 2-first day of my last menstruationJune 13- we had unprotected sex. Intentionally, he didn’t withdraw. We did it for 3 times without withdrawing on that day.June 15- I took opcicon one-step, 50 hours later after the first deed.June 17&18- I had spotting. July 4- Finally menstruation. I was 6 days delayed on my period. I was nervous because my weight is 180lbs. I had abdominal pain for several days and breast tenderness. I can hardly breathe everytime I walk, I’m always tired and I had headaches. To everyone who are also waiting, just be patient and sleep well. And of course, lesson learned! NEVER AGAIN!!”

Chariseeee515 July 5, 2016

For Emergency Contraception “I had unprotected sex on the 21st of August 2015. I had been tracking my period off of an app on my phone. When I checked to mark “Intimate” for the day I realized that it was my ovulation day. I panicked and told my bf to go get a plan b pill and instead he came back 6 hours later with an opcicon. I had never heard of it I just took it just out of fear of getting pregnant. Immediately I began to feel nauseous, dizzy, a had a HORRIBLE headache that lasted 3 days, cramping, and I wanted to just sleep for 3 days. Well this is day 5 and I feel a lot better now. I am no longer having any side affects however I have become a little more hungry. I won’t know if the opcicon worked until I see my period which is due on september 4th.”

Anonymous August 26, 2015

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