OPCON-A: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Eye Redness/Itching “I love this product. It works great but…getting into it is getting harder & harder. Why is there like a child proof opener on this? I could not open this myself. Had to have someone else do it & it was even hard for them. Come on now, why is it so hard to open? I almost brought it back where I bought it.”

Anonymous February 23, 2018

For Eye Redness/Itching “There is one issue, as many others here have stated. The bottle is IMPOSSIBLE to open. The instructions on the cap state “Push Down While Turning”. Easy enough, right? Wrong. I tried and tried to open it; I asked coworkers and friends to give it their best shot as well- to no avail. 250 pound brutes of men attempted, and failed. After two weeks of slaving to open this contraption, I have found that the best way to open it is to shove the bottle in your mouth (cap side in, bottle side out), bite down hard on the cap, while lightly holding the bottle in your dominant hand. Bite down hard enough to keep the cap stable, and apply pressure with the side of your teeth and mouth to push the cap inwards.With your dominant hand, spin the bottle in a clockwise motion. If you hear the safety ring clicking, you’re doing it wrong. Be careful not to squeeze the bottle while turning the cap, as you don’t want to squirt eye-drops into your mouth. But don’t let your dentist see you doing this! “

MaddieBird January 31, 2018

For Eye Redness/Itching “These drops really help my eyes feel less irritated and the redness goes away quickly.”

Linda KS January 26, 2018

For Eye Redness/Itching “The product is good but can’t open it. Beyond words frustrating!!! Have used this for years but the new applicator will probably make me purchase another brand.”

jojordan (taken for 5 to 10 years) December 16, 2017

For Eye Redness/Itching “I can’t get this new bottle open!!! Are they kidding? I hurt my hand trying to do it. Who came up with this??? I’m going to return to Walgreens and go buy generic brand at Walmart.”

Allergic in Arizona September 2, 2017

For Eye Redness/Itching “Drops are awesome, but eventually the bottle is impossible to open. I’m in my mid 30s and it becomes impossible to use. Please fix this, its insane to lose half the use of this thing.”

BobBobBob12345 July 5, 2017

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