OPDIVO: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Melanoma, Metastatic “Been on Nivolumab & Opdivo for 27 months with small amount of side effects and great success in tumor reduction . Merkel cell (MCC ) is what I have and went thru several Chemos & radiation and this treatment is working Great on this cancer. Merkel cell MCC is one of the cancer that foundations do not help with so these patients are on there own. Pricey but it does make a different s in the length of your life .”

big olddog (taken for 2 to 5 years) March 8, 2018

For Colorectal Cancer “I have small intestines cancer/stage 4 .I have been on opdivo for 1 full year because I could not tolerate chemo any more. It took 9 months for pain relief and 4 months ago, my CT scan showed that my tumors have shrunk 30 percent. Opdivo has saved my life ! I have only diarrhea as a side effect. I am so grateful that my dr. put me on this as I would not be alive . I have gained 20 lbs and don’t feel as if i have cancer. I can’t wait to get my next CT scan”

ilovetobyandvegas January 9, 2018

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer “My husband has Stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer. He is 82 years old. He has been on Opdivo for 18 months. It has kept his cancer in remission with no new metastasis. He has some itching but no other side effects. It has been a wonder drug for him.”

Jnetk2190 December 27, 2017

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer “I would not be alive today without Opdivo. A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I weighed 95 lbs. and I already had radiation and chemotherapy. I had no appetite and was continuing to lose weight. My doctors put me on Opdivo in October 2016. It is now December 2017 and I feel fabulous! My scans have been great and my weight is 145 lbs. I feel better and look better than I have in years. Thank you so much for saving my life.”

Zhill December 20, 2017

For Melanoma “My Husband has had wonderful success with this medicine it never made him sick the whole time he has been taking it. He is presently still on it for maintaince”

Rosebud8986 (taken for 1 to 6 months) November 19, 2017

For Melanoma, Metastatic “Surgery to remove polyp. Follow-up surgery to remove nasal and sinus mucosal melanoma. Proton beaming to clean-up remaining mm in nose/sinus. Metastasis in bones, brain, liver, kidney, gall bladder and spleen. Opdivo started and after 6 infusions observed reduction in size of tumors everywhere. Continue another 6 infusions until next scan.”

Cab2017 November 18, 2017

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