ORACEA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Rosacea “For context, I am a 21 year old male with oily, bumpy, red skin. I began taking Oracea in June of 2017. For the first month, I noticed no change. After that, I began noticing improvement until about week 6 when I peaked in terms of how my skin looked and felt. For whatever reason, my skin went downhill ever since then. It has now been 6 months on Oracea, and my skin is only slightly better than when I was not taking Oracea, even though I also started metrogel in September. It seems like Oracea works for some people, but it did not consistently work for me.”

Eric R November 27, 2017

For Rosacea “Hi All – I have been taking Oracea for about a week now and have actually found my rosacea to worsen. I am considering stopping the treatment but wondering if anyone who likes the drug has had the experience of it getting worse before it gets better. Feeling very self-conscious and frustrated. Thank you.”

Rosacea getting worse (taken for less than 1 month) May 23, 2017

For Rosacea “I have tried low dose doxycycline and Periostat to treat ocular rosacea but both cause me to have a severe headache which does not go away. Only Oracea, unfortunately, with time-release doxycycline, keeps the dosage constant enough to avoid headaches. However, I no longer have pain and a feeling of “grittiness” in my eyes.Insurance covers some of cost (generic)”

Starrella (taken for 10 years or more) May 4, 2017

For Rosacea “Simply put, it works. I had taken tetracyclene previously for years, along with Metrogel, with limited results. As soon as I started with Oracea (prescribed by dermatologist) my rosacea symptoms disappeared. The downside of course is the cost. I have an HSA so it’s all out of pocket until my deductible is met; but I pay because it’s worth it. I’ve also found the generic is only slightly less expensive but the good there is it works just the same as Oracea there have been no differences in effectiveness. On a somewhat different note, I went in for an eye exam and my opthmologist told me Oracea was a ripoff and a marketing gimmick and all I had to do was take a low dose of doxy twice a day with the same effect for a fraction of the cost.”

Danno99 April 2, 2017

For Rosacea “This medicine is the best thing that ever happened to me….it has done wonders for my Rosacea!!”

Anonymous (taken for 5 to 10 years) January 5, 2017

For Rosacea “I am 16 years old and my acne has been a problem for a little over 6 months. I was previously on Acticlate for about 2 months which did not help my skin much and had terrible side effects like vomitting. My dermatologist switched me to Oracea 40 mg and I was hopeful. The first week on it, my skin became so much worse and I wanted to get off of it. However, after that first week, my skin began to clear up and now only has a few red spots. This medication works great, you just have to push through the first week and remember that things get worse before they get better. I also love Oracea because it has no side effects on me which is great.”

Alexis O June 29, 2016

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