ORSYTHIA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I’ve been on this pill and others similar for around 4 Years. At first I had switched to something stronger to help with acne but it made me so irritated and emotional all the time. So I switched back to my low dose birth control and I’ve not had any major problems! After this long sometimes my periods aren’t on schedule but when the are I have 1 heavy day (1st day) and by day 3 I’m pretty much done with my cycle!”

Glamour2314 February 9, 2018

For Birth Control “I’ve been taking Orsythia for about 7 years, originally starting on it because when I would get my period I would get such horrific cramps they would leave me debilitated and vomiting each month. I love love this pill, I have never had any side effects from it and it made my period very (light flow & only 3 days menstruating). Unfortunately, the past 2 years I have had break through spotting during the month (not consistent and also have taken breaks for a few months from the pill). This is the 4th month in a row I have had spotting so I’m switching. Sad to see it go but I think I just need a higher dosage!”

susanv109 January 26, 2018

For Birth Control “Terrible, terrible, terrible. This pill gave me a period multiple times a month, about every 10-14 days, with them lasting about 6-9 days. I had NO sex drive (I’m only 21), sex was painful due to dryness, and I’d go from happy to sad / mad / irrational within seconds. Seriously ruined my life. I was on this for 7 months until I finally decided to talk to my doctor. Now on ortho cyclen.”

Becksooooo January 26, 2018

For Birth Control “This was the first birth control I have tried so I have nothing to compare it to. For the first two months I can say it was not bad….. my mood was okay was not that big of a difference. My third and fourth month were pretty bad, I had really bad mood swings and AWFUL cramps that were so bad I had to take off work. I would then have bad breakaway bleeding a week before my period so I would be bleeding for two weeks straight. After my fourth month was over I switched….”

Break away bleeding (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 21, 2018

For Endometriosis “I have never felt worse in my life than the three weeks of my taking this pill. I was on Lutera for several years in college and was told after graduating that Orsythia was exactly the same. I can tell you it is not. I became nauseous to the point of being unable to eat save for small bites of bland foods starting on day one after my first dose, lost 15 pounds (not great for someone with a history of ED) and became more anxious and depressed than ever. As someone with PTSD, GAD, and GDD, it was literally debilitating. I could not stop shaking and panicking until my placebo week, where my pain was minimal and felt fine after. Switched back to Lutera and have no problems. Do not take this med!”

JillianJ (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 3, 2018

For Birth Control “This is my first form of birth control. I was very very apprehensive about taking this birth control because of the reviews. I am currently half way through my second pack and so far so good. The only negative I have is that the first week I had sore boobs but after that everything was back to normal. So far so good.”

Mayajjjjjj December 17, 2017

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