ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “My first pills I took were regular orthcyclen. I switched due to bleeding between cycles to another pill. They pill worked for awhile until I had more breakthrough bleeding a year in. They then switched me to this. I had no irregular bleeding. But over 6+ months me & my partner noticed a big change in my moods. I already struggle with depression and anxiety and it wasn’t for 8 or so months that I had a full on mental breakdown unlike I have EVER had. I started thinking about it & I really have a low stress life at the moment so I looked for triggers. Then I thought about the fact that this is a TRI phasic pill which means constantly changing hormones from week to week. I feel like that hormonal swing could possibly be that trigger. Immediately set up an appointment and switched to a monophasic pill & my mood has changed tenfold. Not a good pill for people with already touchy mental health in my opinion.”

Rab00 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) March 7, 2018

For Birth Control “So honestly, it isn’t that bad for me… It helped with my acne, my boobs got bigger the first three months, and well.. I’m not pregnant. But honestly the erratic depression is too much to handle and I’m not a fan of taking a pill everyday so I’m going to switch to an IUD. I do get a lot of food cravings and I suspect that’s why everyone posts about weight gain. Just be smarter than your cravings and work out more.”

AllieBee March 6, 2018

For Birth Control “I’ve been using it for 7 months and I’ve had occasional spotting between periods. I’ve also gained A LOT of weight and my breasts grew as well. My skin has actually not broken out since I’ve started using it though. So far it’s been effective in preventing pregnancy, but I am on my last pack and I will probably try another brand.”

Kimmywimmy January 27, 2018

For Birth Control “Pros: high sex drive, regular bleeding, little to no cramps, affordable.Cons: weight gain!”

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 13, 2018

For Birth Control “I love this birth control. It has worked well for me for three years. I’ve never had acne, and I still don’t. Also, my weight is normal. However, my periods are just as painful as they’ve always been. I feel as though the birth control didn’t affect me at all besides doing a great job at preventing pregnancy. I’m only switching because I would like to limit my periods to 4 times a year. But if the other birth control doesn’t work out, I’ll be back on this one.”

Zuri4 December 15, 2017

For Birth Control “When I first started it I had terrible nausea and dizziness. I didn’t want to eat so much because of it so I lost a couple pounds. I stuck with it and after about 3 months it completely went away. It keeps my weight regulated, periods, helps my acne stay bare minimum or none at all. I recommend taking it daily with food because no food in your system can cause nausea.”

Ilocecats2 December 13, 2017

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