ORUDIS KT: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Rheumatoid Arthritis “I can’t live without Orudis 200mg once daily. Within 1 hour starts working and stops inflammation.I have been on it around 25 years and no serious side effects !Had an asthma attack when they gave me the generic oruvail as generics only have half the main ingredient and some awful fillers. Available on our pbs in Australia”

Karmel September 9, 2015

For Pain “This is the absolute best thing that I have used for migraines, muscle aches, and menstrual pain. I wish that OrudisKT was still available OTC.”

Missing OrudisKT October 16, 2008

For Pain “It’s unfortunate this pain reliever has been removed from over the counter use. It was one of a very few that actually helped my pain from thrombic angiitis obliterans. It also helped my brother and 2 sisters with migraines. In my view it is much like ibuprofen except slightly stronger and much more effective.”

Anonymous September 12, 2008

For Pain “It’s the best for back pain…absolutely the best!”

mabnola July 6, 2008

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