PAMELOR: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Depression “I was tried on this for major depression. After 2 weeks on 50mg per night, I couldn’t handle it any more. I ended up going to the ER because my heart was racing. I was at 125/130 beats per min. I’d only been getting a few hours of sleep each night in those 2 weeks, and experienced the heart racing, brain short circuits, insomnia, anxiety, severe constipation, extreme thirst, and an overall feeling of disconnect from aliveness. As a teenager, I took Doxepin and Elavil too, and they were slightly better, but not much. These TCAs should be a last resort like Thorazine and Lithium. Seroquel is much better. Good luck to my fellow sufferers!”

theskysnotabove (taken for less than 1 month) January 8, 2017

For Depression “Nortriplene isn’t a very good medication for chronic headaches. My neurologist put me on 25mg 2 tabs at’s suppose to make you sleeply,however it’s quit the opposite, it keeps you awake and makes you very irritable.and you still have a headache,and causes weight gain.medication,especially”

Silvershadow (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 16, 2016

For Depression “I was switched from amitriptyline to nortriptyline and noticed an immediate improvement the following morning. I’m sold.”

DDDBBB (taken for 1 to 6 months) May 21, 2015

For Depression “My neurologist prescribed Nortriptyline for Neuropathy. It did not help much for that condition.However, at the time I was suffering from severe depression due to having to place my husband in a nursing home. The medication did wonders for me and I have been a daily user since that time.”

RLZ September 13, 2014

For Migraine Prevention “Very effective as long as it is taken like clockwork.”

Jsmitty (taken for 1 to 2 years) May 2, 2013

For Migraine Prevention “I have been taking Pamelor for close to 4 years now. After a coiling procedure for an inoperable brain aneurism, I suffered constant migraines. The doctor who performed the coiling did not offer any solution, but a local neurologist in my home town prescribed it for me. It changed what was to be my new life of pain into a much more tolerable existence. A little dizziness is easy to live with. I take 50 mg every morning. Life is good again!”

Patricia.k. March 19, 2013

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