PARLODEL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Hyperprolactinemia “In 1993 I was put on this medication and told to take 4 tablets daily. 3 days later I had the worst headache of my life. The following day with the headache I couldn’t stop throwing up. Called DR-said I had the flu take 1/2 a tablet 6 times a day. I got worse;called DR again, he told me to take 1/2 tablet 4 times a day.Continuing to get worse on the 7th day I crawled up the stairs and pounded on neighbor’s door and said “please take me to the hospital, I am dying” The last thing I remember was getting in the car. 5 days later I woke up in the hospital, I was told I was lucky to be alive. When I looked in the mirror and my eyes were pure blood. I was told the pressure in my head burst all the blood vessels in my eyes.”

Dolylo (taken for less than 1 month) November 2, 2015

For Hyperprolactinemia “I’ve been taking this medication for two weeks now. At first a half dose of the lowest dose of 2.5 mg. I’ve experienced side effects immediately. The most troublesome is the overall fatigue and extreme nausea. I just moved to a full dose of 2.5 mg last night. Today my nausea has increased horribly. Last night extreme and violent vomiting. I’m sick to my stomach, weak and some shortness of breath occurred last night and still remains. I noticed improvement in my symptoms in a few days and now they seem a bit escalated for my breast milk reduced and now seem I’m producing more than ever. I also experienced blurred vision this morning in my peripheral vision. Not a fan of this medication. #feeling horrible”

Elle B. M. (taken for less than 1 month) June 8, 2015

For Hyperprolactinemia “This medication has helped me with my battle with infertility. With it, I have had two successful pregnancies, though with minimal side effects. So much happy to become a parent after six years of infertility. It had also helped me with a benign tumor in my brain, and I think I’m a normal woman now. I was initially placed on half the tablet a day but later increased to 1 and 1/2 a day, with series of blood tests and MRI scans. It really helped and I’m still using it with routine checkups.”

bukky (taken for 10 years or more) June 6, 2013

For Hyperprolactinemia “After three months on Parlodel my doctor took me off. Experienced very little symptoms now and Prolactin levels are normal. My cycle returned to 28 days for the first time in years. Hopefully things will get better.”

narcia March 27, 2012

For Hyperprolactinemia “I have been taking Parlodel now for 2 months. At first dizzness and headaches then they passed. I have also noticed changes in my cycle it has become more normal 28 days from 35/40 days. I now notice my ankles and feet swelling now after 2 months on Parlodel..but what is funny about it occurs during my cycle.”

narcia February 10, 2012

For Hyperprolactinemia “I have been taking this medication for 1 month and prolactin levels dropped from over 3000 to 1500, still high though and I only take 2.5mg a day. Side effects are bad, I can’t work due to dizziness and fatigue. Doctor wants to stop this medication and start with another because I can’t unfortunately cope with it.”

Anonymous January 25, 2012

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