PATANASE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Allergic Rhinitis “I have allergies and asthma. Patanase is the key to preventing sinus infections that I used to get two times every year like clockwork plus my asthma that gets triggered when my sinuses are bad and on Patanase, I improved dramatically. The generic version works for me for about 30 minutes and then my sinuses swell shut again. When my insurance company insisted I use it and I got a three month supply, it was a miserable three months of stuffiness, asthma attacks and here came the sinus infections again. So now I shell out $170 every three months to get the real stuff that actually works. I would rate the generic a zero if I could.”

Linda_mo1973 (taken for 5 to 10 years) June 11, 2016

For Allergic Rhinitis “Generic now available =CHEAP! This stuff is AMAZING! When I’m exposed to an allergen, perfume or pollen, etc., Patanase can squash it within seconds and keeps me from getting sick. It’s a miracle! Since it’s a nasal spray applied intranasal, it works extremely fast. While not marketed as a decongestant or specifically marketed for vasomotor rhinitis (non-allergic rhinitis), it works amazingly on both aspects! They should label it as a decongestant (it works better than pseudoephedrine & phenylephrine put together). I’d say it’s as good if not better than Afrin (and doesn’t come with the rebound congestion/potential addiction). Hold you head chin to chest looking down while you spray to keep it from going into your throat.”

hhv_in_mem_tn (taken for 2 to 5 years) February 15, 2016

For Allergic Rhinitis “I am thrilled! I have been on this med for a week for nightly nasal congestion and love the results. I can actually sleep through the night without the awful nasal congestion that I have been getting for 20 years. I have had 2 sinus surgeries, been on shots for the past 3 years, tried every sinus allergy medicine, irrigation, pillow and mattress encasements, air filtration and on and on. Now the only medicine I take is Patanase. Thank You.”

Bmitch00772772 February 7, 2015

For Allergic Rhinitis “I love it! I also have a deviated septum and Patanase is so helpful for that, I can breath and without the awful post nasal drip! It seems expensive.”

Olive Oil July 24, 2013

For Allergic Rhinitis “Love this med! Nothing else works to stop my nose from running all day.”

Anonymous January 8, 2012

For Allergic Rhinitis “Patanase is the only medicine that helps my hay fever and helps me to function. It works fast, and clears my nose so that I can breath. Whenever I am hit with an allergy attack, or just have my nose to get stuffy or runny, I KNOW that Patanase is going to work and provide relief. I go from miserable to good-to-go within 5 minutes. The only thing negative that I have to say is about the funky taste that develops in the back of your throat after using. But it is so worth it! The taste is NOT enough to keep me from using the medicine. LOVE PATANASE. No side effects at all.”

Anonymous August 20, 2011

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