PERCODAN, PERCODAN-DEMI: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Pain “I had a fractured femur from being hit by a car. Morphine was used initially during the acute pain. On the second day Percodan was prescribed, even though I wasn’t in great pain. After a few days, had loss of appetite, inability to urinate and severe constipation. Stopped Percodan, Tylenol was adequate to relieve pain.”

S. D. Sleight July 15, 2009

For Pain “It works really well for my fibromyalgia/arthritis pain but had side effects due to aspirin.”

fibrosurvivor May 9, 2009

For Pain “I had a hernia operation and a few kidney stones. Taking one Percodan every four hours and when the pain gets more severe one every three hours. After my hernia operation I took a Percodan every three hours, even at night, for three weeks. It really saved the day but I had a hangover for about four days. Worth it.”

Rainwalker May 8, 2009

“Works well for pain. Overall not bad for moderate pain.”

john prodan December 23, 2008

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