PERMETHRIN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Scabies: “permethrin does not work. I have used it for three years and have not got rid of it”

steve marell December 23, 2017

For Scabies: “Hi, we have a family farm in Kentucky. Populations of wild turkeys have increased exponentially in the 35 years that I’ve been clearing brush and walking the woods. The head of the infectious diseases department at the Cleveland Clinic patiently explained that the 25 different ticks had a 3 stage life, one of which was microscopic larvae that burrow into skin. I’m a northerner, so I’m more susceptible I’ve battled these critters for decades. Now a lot more people are affected.. This is a great medication to get rid of them. Used it 4-6 times a year for 20 yrs. No discernible side effects except the worst spots you do have to scratch open and reapply 2-3 times . please don’t treat your patient like a pariah !! Thanks”

HuffsEnd October 17, 2017

For Head Lice: “Just used and praying it actually works”

Ebc13 July 21, 2017

For Scabies: “I recently used this cream and my itching has gotten much worse; however, half the bumps have done away in the past 14 hours.”

ItchyCollegeKid (taken for less than 1 month) November 23, 2016

For Scabies: “I was misdiagnosed by a Dermatologist 5 and a half months ago. At first she just thought I had dry skin, then the next time, she said I have eczema and just gave me a cream to “fix it” within 1-2 weeks. I went back a month later trying to show her the rashes and bumps I had all over my body and the black dots and bumps I had on my hands. She barely even looked at me and just kinda smiled and said, “yes it’s just eczema.” I went back to her again, and every time she just kept giving me creams for eczema and psoriasis. I then got a second opinion and this Dermatologist still didn’t diagnose me with scabies. THEN I finally found that I had scabies by doing research every single day. The Permethrin 5% has helped some but still NOT killed them.”

Kel7 October 30, 2016

For Scabies: “I got scabies from I don’t know where, since it can take up to 6 weeks b4 u show any signs. I had them on my hands, armpits, back, stomach, thighs and feet in about 1 week and half after the itching started. Went to the ER due to it being a weekend & the itching was driving me crazy, in triage the nurse said it looked like scabies and told me to go back to the waiting room, after about 20 minutes they called me to the back but only to get my script for permethrin & discharge papers. The next day I went and got medicine filled but had to user right before bedtime, the one I had was a big tube that I had to use while in the shower, I had to pat dry so not to remove medicine, it said to leave it on for 12 to 14 hrs. They were gone in 2 days.”

BobTheExplorer (taken for less than 1 month) October 25, 2015

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