PLAN B ONE-STEP: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Emergency Contraception “Had the condom break during sex and he finished inside before we knew it had broken. This was during my fertile window and I just got off birth control and we already have one kid so we couldn’t afford another quite yet. Ran to the store IMMEDIATELY and bought plan b and took the pill within an HOUR after the mishap. After a week I started taking pregnancy tests, four altogether, and each one came up negative or not pregnant (took clear blue and first response) with the last test being yesterday which was a straight up negative and finally today I got my period so it is true the sooner you take the pill the more effective because otherwise if I had waited a little bit I’m sure I’d be pregnant right now so do not wait! Now I’m setting up an appointment with my OB and getting back on birth control tho because that was all very stressful to deal with and also plan b is not a replacement for birth control and this was my first and only time I’ll use this method ever again!”

girl20 (taken for less than 1 month) March 7, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “So my last period was Jan 18-23rd , I messed up on February 2nd so quickly took plan b like 15 mins later . I realized that I had like 3 weeks to my next period I was just like you looking up pregnancy symptoms vs plan b symptoms, how effective it is , reading reviews but it honestly brings MORE stress I promise ! The only side effect I had was tender breasts on the second week . The first week I was a mess , crying etc because I’m not ready to be a Mum but my period came today Feb 17th right on time ! I couldn’t be more happy ! Thank you ! Best wishes for you guys ! It works.”

ana:/) February 17, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “I have taken other brands of emergency contraceptive (EC), which all contain the same amount Levonorgestrel. Given that fact, you’d think the results and side-effects would be the same, but they are NOT. I experienced less side effects from Plan B than I did with the cheaper EC brands, such as the Walgreens brand (severe irritation, cramps) and Aftera (bad reviews from most with complaints of leg cramps). The sooner you take, the more effective it is, so don’t wait. It’s possible your insurance covers it, but we didn’t try that since it was after hours. Why do they result in different side effects? Well, maybe the Levonorgestrel differs in purity, quality or it comes from a different source. Because it’s synthetic, it could be molecularly different, but still be the same medicine.”

Gemini3813 January 30, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “I forgot to take my birth control for a couple days, the condom broke and my boyfriend finished in me. I took the pill 10 hours later, and had to wait 4 weeks to get my period. I had both white and brown discharge at times which freaked me out cuz I read online that it meant pregnancy. Got my period today, couldn’t be happier! Stop googling things and worrying, the pill works. I know a million girls who have taken it, and it has worked for every single one every single time. Trust me– you are FINE. It wouldn’t be FDA approved if it didn’t work like they say it does!!!!”

Anonymous January 26, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “IT WORKS!! To those of you who are worried sick, don’t worry!!! Plan b is meant to work. Tip: TAKE THE PILL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, plz! Best if within 12 hrs. (Another option: look into iud as emergency contraceptive :D) I took the pill this month (January) on the 11th!! And I just got my period. One week early!!! The first time I took the pill, I didn’t feel any of the side effects, just fatigue. Second time, I felt naseuous and had a few headaches. My breast hurt a bit. But then 5 days after taking the second pill, I got my period!! My period is usually heavy but this time it’s light. But neverthelsss I am happy! I HOPE ALL OF YOU SUCCESS WITH PLAN B. It will work. Stay positive!”

Annercd January 24, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “I took it hours after an accident and I’m now pregnant a week after the accident. Thanks plan b.”

Mom of soon to be 4. (taken for less than 1 month) January 24, 2018

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