PLAN B: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Emergency Contraception “I’m 18 and me and my boyfriend had sex on January 27th which was 5 days after my period ended. The next morning about 5 hours later I took the pill. About a week after I took the pill I had light bleeding. After that I began having cramps that lasted a week but no period came. I was very bloated in the weeks following and I became very nervous and scared reading things online until my real period finally came on February 28th about a week and a half late. Ladies, the pill DOES work!!! Try not to worry and get yourself worked up because over those longggg weeks of waiting I became very paranoid and my mind was making me believe that I was pregnant but just try to be patient because you are most likely not. Ps. I did experience mood swings towards the end of the time it took the medicine to exit my system. Best of luck.”

Emma (taken for less than 1 month) March 11, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “My husband and I had sex and condom broke. We realized that after the fact. I was on my 20th day of my cycle. We went to the store and got Plan B within 45 min. I developed lower abdominal cramps for several days. I got my period one day late. Don’t stress it does work”

Stacy March 11, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “I have had to use EC 3 times in the last 3 months (terrible I know!). I am regular and have a 26 day cycle. The 1st month I had sex on Day 4 using the pull out. I usually ovulate between days 7-12 so I took plan B 12h later. I had dark brown spotting 4 days later that lasted for 3 days. I got my next period 26 days after the end of that spotting. The next month I had sex on day 24-25 using the pull out. I took Take Action about 12h later. I started my period that night. It was longer (I bled 8 days instead of 5) but otherwise no side effects. The 3rd month he finished inside me on day 20. I took plan B 5h later. I again had unprotected sex on day 21-22 this time using the pull out. I had terrible mood symptoms which didn’t end until I started my period on time. I was probably only at risk of getting pregnant even without plan B the first month since I had already ovulated in months 2 and 3 and it was low risk in month 1 given he didn’t finish inside me and it was potentially before my fertile window. I am definitely going to get on proper contraception”

Anonymous1 March 9, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “I took plan B for the first time, I NEVER take any type of medication because I absolutely hate side effects and my body just always tends to react to every single one whenever I take any kind of medicine but this was a big emergency because me and my bf had unprotected sex, so I took it about 3 hours later. I felt dizzy and nauseous I started panicking because I absolutely hate feeling that way and I made myself feel worse by reading other comments but after about an hour or two it went away, if your having side effects just remain calm! Lay down drink some gingerale and fight threw it because it’s just a couple hours I also ended up getting diarrhea after and had bad mood swings but that goes away very quickly as well. I’m also not pregnant so that’s a good thing. Try not to make yourself anxious either you’ll be totally fine I promise just relax take deep breathes and watch tv or do something to keep your mind busy…. #1 !!! Stay hydrated !!”

Mei (taken for less than 1 month) March 9, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “Not a lot of reviews talk about unprotected sex & the male finishi g directly inside you. That was my experience, & not only once but twice in the same day. I took the pill 5 hours after. This happened January 7th & by January 18th I noticed brownish spotting, that turned very light pink, & then got a little darker by the last three days. This spotting lasted an entire week. I thought for sure I was pregnant, &I kept looking up symptoms & I believed I had every symptom possible, but in reality I didn’t. I wanted to just disappear, this whole experience was brutal for me. I couldn’t take a test either because I didn’t miss my period. The week my period was suppose to be here, it didn’t come. I tested 4 different days, 4 different test & they were all negative. I don’t believe I am pregnant, I just think my body is not used to this change. I have never taken BC before so it’s not used to those hormones. Get on BC pill. I did now, & I will never make that mistake again.”

anoneg March 8, 2018

For Emergency Contraception “If you’re just like me you might be catching yourself reading these reviews all day very worried! Or looking up period/ovulation trackers constantly. Well let me tell you my experience. Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex in my car (Feb 19) and when she sat on top, I had to cum so I pulled out and I ejaculated away from her. I cleaned myself up and selfishly convinced her to sit back on it. We proceeded to have sex for the next 20 mins and I didn’t cum inside her but the worry and stress of pregnancy quickly overcame me and I knew I had to get a plan B! (Post ejaculate and during Her most fertile week) So about 13 hours later I bought it for my girlfriend and she took it. It was the longest 3 weeks of my life but she started her period yesterday! (3/6, a few days early) But for real the stress isn’t worth it! Wrap it up and use protection and most importantly be there for your girl! But in my case it worked! Try not to google anything otherwise you’re gonna scare yourself”

GratefulPlanB March 8, 2018

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