PRILOSEC OTC: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For GERD “I was having bad heartburn (GERD) everyday and having to take to many antacids. My doctor suggested OTC Prilosec. After 24 hours all pain was gone and has not returned. It has been a blessing. Today is the 7th day of 14 day treatment. I am waiting to see if the heartburn returns after I complete the recommended 14 day treatment. I hope not.”

Gerd. (taken for less than 1 month) May 21, 2017

For GERD “Thank God. I have not had to take the two pack of Prilosec that I have left.My story..I was miserable for months taking several different otc medications. I finally called a research facility to try to join a study, to help cure my gerd. The agent I spoke with asked me if Prilosec had failed as a cure.I said id never tried it so I didn’t qualify. If that was the way they determined the seriousness of your problem. (If Prilosec couldn’t cure you, you must be really bad) then prilosec must be the best otc out there. So I took the 21 day cycle. I was so uncomfortable that I took 2 the first day. I don’t recommend that, but I did. After 3 days I say a small improvement. After 1 week I was sure it was working. 21 days later completly cured”

D Broussard November 1, 2016

For Indigestion “I took Prilosec for about 3 years. I began to experience a rapid heartbeat at night. I would wake up at night and have very rapid heartbeat for about 5 minutes. It finally dawned on me to try leaving off the Prilosec. I have been off now for 2 months and am having no more problems with my heart. I found that Pepcid is also good for indigestion and causes me no problem.”

SJOR January 23, 2015

For Indigestion “I love this medicine because after I take it my stomach feels a lot better.”

Blondie78 (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 25, 2014

For GERD “It worked well to eliminate reflux symptoms, but forced to discontinue use as made me too dizzy, lightheaded, and sometime naseaus. To the point of not feeling comfortable enough to drive.”

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 6 months) October 3, 2012

For GERD “My doctor prescribed Protonix which worked most of the time and every now and then I would take a Tums. Then my doctor left and I didn’t request a refill soon enough, so I decided to try Prilosec OTC. My GERD disappeared after the first day. I took it daily for 14 days as described on the box and never had a problem at all. My GERD pain is coming back though, so I will be buying another box.”

Anonymous August 7, 2012

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