PRILOSEC: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Indigestion “I have taken this medication for over two decades and it works well. Without it I wouldn’t be able to hardly eat anything. If I run out and have to wait to get my refills .. It usually takes several days before any horrible symptoms come back. I try to get my meds before that happens. It really does help in making life so much better. You can eat in a normal fashion but sensible. I try to drink plenty of water, so my meds won’t be to much of a strain on my bladder & kidneys and all my organs. I know without this medicine I couldn’t even drink water without suffering the consequences.. it was that bad.”

fayfaith (taken for 10 years or more) September 21, 2017

For GERD “I’ve been having problems for years with my stomach and GERD. I was put on prilosec and was told that it would possibly cause an upset stomach to begin with but to try to work through it. I took it for around 5 months but I could not handle it anymore. I kept stomach cramps and an upset stomach the whole time. I couldn’t keep enough fluids in me to keep myself hydrated. Months later I was prescribed it again and tried it once again. Same thing but worse. I had bad blood work come back saying my kidneys weren’t working right and my potassium was so low I was admitted into the Hosp. Since then my kidneys are still not OK. I’ve been peeing blood on and off. I am pretty sure that this medicine has messed my kidneys up. Bad stuff for me”

Beck256 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) April 20, 2017

For GERD “It’s effective however the side effects are horrible”

Candi1482 (taken for less than 1 month) January 31, 2017

For Stomach Ulcer “I was told to take this after what turns out to only have been a nasty stomach virus. Hospital thought it was ulcer. By day four of a 14 day course, I developed severe gum pain and it hurt to chew, I had a horrible taste in my mouth that wouldn’t go away, throat gurgles that kept me awake, and shoulder pain. A quick internet search prompted me to quit this drug.”

SunnyintheD January 5, 2017

For Helicobacter Pylori Infection “Yes prilosec stopped my heartburn most of the time. I have been hospitalized after I stopped. I now have arthritis so badly in both my hips I have to have them both replaced. I’m only 44 years old. I’ve been taking the meds since I was 17. If I would had been diagnosed or even tested for H Pylori this could have been cured years ago and I wouldn’t have to have my hips replaced. There is no arthritis that runs on either side of my family.”

Arthritis Becca August 13, 2015

For GERD “I love this stuff. Ended my reflux and perpetual sore throat. I was thankful for how quickly it worked. Now to the packaging! These pills are nearly inaccessible in the packaging they come in. I use a scissor to open the pockets where the pills are incased and then store the pills in a small bottle.”

RickieMH August 12, 2015

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