PROPOFOL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Anesthesia: “Was to have a implant for spinal stimulator with locals only, Lidocaine. That did not work, so all of a sudden my arm went severely and painfully cold and my arm no longer felt like a human arm. It was cold with a cold steel metallic feeling, like a metal beam. It was hurting like crazy. The nurse said that is just the effect of the propofol. Mercifully, I finally went to sleep. No bad effects when I awakened. I do not want it again!”

Wary One (taken for less than 1 month) March 11, 2018

For Anesthesia: “Had an endoscopy today and it went great, thanks to this medication! Felt a little warm as she was injecting the propofol. The first thing I noticed as I was receiving this med was my ears feeling full and the sound was muffled and then I basically blacked out. Apparently during the procedure I had woken up (which I don’t remember) and they had to give me a little extra. I felt fine afterwards, no nausea or headache. Just tired throughout the day.”

ang123 March 8, 2018

For Anesthesia: “Asked to not have anesthesia. 3 doctors and 2 nurses saying he needs propofol because less side effects, etc. Bullied into having it, but only minimal amount. Did not wake up immediately. Kept falling back to sleep. Left hospital to get lunch then home. Immediately started napping in his recliner. Very lethargic for the rest of the day. Lots of congestion and blowing his nose still 3 days after. Also still lack of energy. Memory has been affected. Not a good drug because of side effects! !!!!!!”

Pop (taken for less than 1 month) March 5, 2018

For Anesthesia: “Had propofal as well as fentanyl for pilonidal sinus excision. First ever operation & went so much better than I thought. This stuff is good! (Am 23 yr old female)”

Loz (taken for less than 1 month) March 1, 2018

For Anesthesia: “30 yo male. Put under for colonoscopy and endoscopy. Total time on propofol was about 1 hour.It burned a little going in and knocked me out within seconds. It felt like I took a really good nap. I felt groggy and slightly off balance for about 2 hours after that (like if you had a few beers). My thought process felt a little foggy for the rest of the day but I was able to do household chores. I ended up having chills and fever (100.8) about 4 hours after my procedure and for the rest of the evening and night. It’s currently the next day and I feel fine now and my temperature as returned to normal.”

matt (taken for less than 1 month) February 28, 2018

For Anesthesia: “I just had propofol for a colonoscopy and the sedation itself was wonderful. I was out cold and recovered quickly. However immediately upon awakening I had nasal congestion which cleared up quickly, and my eyes still feel dry, scratchy and burning hours later. I mentioned it to the postop nurse and she asked me if I had a cold, as if she’d never heard of these side effects before. However upon googling I see many references to these symptoms in postop patients who received propofol with nasal oxygen.”

Josi_1980 February 9, 2018

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