PROTONIX IV: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Stomach Ulcer “I perforated a stomach ulcer, at age of only 33 y/o, and Protonix saved my life (after emergency surgery). ;-)”

SuffererOfUlcers (taken for less than 1 month) February 4, 2016

For Stomach Ulcer “Works instant, better than any other meds”

goodpeople December 1, 2014

For GERD “I would cough like I was having asthma attacks but come to find out after taking everything there is on the plant for lung disease. This pill stopped it all I had acid and it caused the rest of stop. But I have flare ups now and then still.”

Lilly1234 July 27, 2014

For Barrett’s Esophagus “Have been on Protonix for about 10 yrs. Recently was admitted to the hospital due to pancreatitis. I was vomiting non-stop for 4 days and could only get meds via I.V. during my 7 day stay. I found that Protonix I.V. seemed to work almost better at least worked faster and lasted 24hrs until my next dose the following day.”

Miz1…1 March 4, 2012

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