RECTIV: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Anal Fissure and Fistula “I struggled with intense pain and bleeding due to a fissure for several months. Assuming it was hemmorhoids, I tried multiple over the counter medicines, but nothing worked. My OB/Gyn was the one who realized it was a fissure and prescribed Rectiv. The headaches were rough at first, and I almost quit using the ointment because of them. I’m so glad I didn’t, though. Within one week, the headaches were gone, and my fissure symptoms were calming down. By week two, I was totally back to normal–no pain, no bleeding. I continued using it for another week, just to be sure I was completely healed. I’ve been off it for two weeks now, and I’m still symptom-free. I can’t sing the praises of this medicine enough!!”

Ameyls May 31, 2017

For Anal Fissure and Fistula “I’ve been on Rectiv for 2 weeks alongside an initial 10-day course of Cipro for a fistula. The Rectiv does cause an immediate headache within minutes of use, but after a few days it goes away, or you get used to it. I did notice relief of pain and swelling for a while until a sudden return of the pain, fistula and swelling! For no apparent reason and after no sudden changes in diet! Seeing my doctor tomorrow to try and determine another angle.”

RMS_10011 March 10, 2017

For Anal Fissure and Fistula “I developed anal fissures after using Invokamet and Invokana. My GI Dr. prescribed Rectiv to heal them. It worked! However, I got an instant Migraineeach time. You cannot take aspirin, so I took my Migraine medicine – Fiorcet. It took about two weeks to heal. A real godsend! Only downfall was the cost -$525.00 per tube. Insurance covered it, thankfully!”

Bear Man (taken for less than 1 month) August 24, 2015

For Anal Fissure and Fistula “I’m on day 2 of this product and I “feel” a drastic difference. I am forever grateful to my doctor for prescribing this. 3 years ago I had the same issue and I suffered for 3 months with excruciating pain during my bowel movement to the point I added to my misery by holding it for up to a week at a time to suffer from as few painful bowel motions as possible all because I was to embarrassed to show this problem to my doctor. Never again and I really thank the pharmacist for the coupon to bring my cost down to 40 dollars. There is a mild side effect I didn’t have a headache more so painless throbbing in my head for the first 1-2 after application. I was still able to function and get through my clinicals without feeling faint or ill.”

tnurse March 10, 2014

For Anal Fissure and Fistula “Helped healing and did give me a headache but with repeated use the headaches went away soon.Overall Rectiv healed where nothing else helped, was worth the extra money.”

somebetter (taken for 1 to 6 months) September 2, 2013

For Anal Fissure and Fistula “I used this medication just twice and had a severe headache for 3 days.”

Rothchild July 24, 2013

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