RETIN-A MICRO, RETIN-A-MICRO: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Acne “I’m 49, with hereditary cystic acne w/hormonal component. I’ve tried everything with various degree of success for limited time. Birth control pills; accutane; Minocycline, which helped but caused teeth discoloration! Topical washes, BP, proactive—everything limited. Blue light therapy seems to help but caused hyper pigmentation four me. My sister recommended 0.04% micro gel, which I have been using for about 3 weeks. Redness and bumps ensued but didn’t know to wait the 20 min to apply after washing! Also using 302 (Brand) for inflammatory skin, which is helping (recommend). My skin is still breaking out but healing way faster w/some peeling but pitting is improving! I’m hopeful at last. Definitely the cystic pain is better. Clarisonic @PM helps.”

Maybethiswillwork November 19, 2017

For Acne “I’m a male 29 and have used Retin-A micro gel 0.04% for 3 years now. I’ve tried everything from Proactive, Accutane and over the counter medicines. Nothing helped me like Retin-A Micro gel. Sure there was an initial breakout in the beginning but now my skin is so smooth, acne free, healthy and bright that I don’t even care about the initial breakout. After 3 months of use I am Acne free thanks to this medication. I will not stop using it.”

Anonymous August 29, 2010

For Acne “This medication is extremely effective when used properly. I developed whiteheads on my cheeks and had rather large pores on my nose with blackheads. I have been using the medication for a total of six months now. Initially, I had some redness, moderate peeling, and some slight burning right after applying the medication. After about three weeks, the side effects subsided and I started to notice my skin clearing, pore size minimizing, and an overall evening of complexion. I used Phisoderm Deep Cleansing face wash morning and night and then used Neutrogena Oil-free moisturizer with SPF 15 in the morning. My face is very oily so I did not experience much dryness.”

mandy07 October 31, 2008

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