REVIA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Opiate Dependence “Battled a 6 year prescription opiate addiction, with a good 5 years in and out of withdrawals trying to get clean, never working and landing myself in hospital twice, once for a week and lucky to be alive. Tried a suboxone program but wanted to be properly free from the opiate bindings and feel again. Since being on Naltrexone I have not thought, cared, desired any opiate. Totally free from my mind and able to get on with my life, feeling, and feeling great. As an added bonus my in and out battle with alcohol has gone the exact same way, also dropping other destructive impulsive behaviour. Just dont care about it. First week I had brutal lethargy but after dealing with years of withdrawals it was cake, no side effects since then.Life saver”

ImJustMe November 3, 2016

For Alcohol Dependence “it works very well, it’s a good friend. I have 55 attempted suicides, 3 times in one month & came very close to death , sober for 45 days so far good results”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) June 4, 2015

For Alcohol Dependence “I do not obsess over alcohol like I used to. On occasion when I have wanted a glass of wine, I take it approximately an hour prior and can actually drink like a normal person (1-2 glasses vs. 1-2 bottles). This medication is a God send.”

CCZZCC August 21, 2013

For Opiate Dependence “This medication has helped me exponentially, I was addicted to opiates for the past 8 years. I was in and out of hospitals with no positive outcome in sight, this is the first time I have been able to maintain any kind of sobriety. Along with other support the cravings have never been so minimal. All I can say is that I’m truly happy that I was prescribed this medication.”

Blueskydreary500 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) January 19, 2013

For Alcohol Dependence “I have never slept so well or had any withdrawal problems on this medication. This medication is a God-send. I wish I would have taken my therapist’s advice and taken it sooner. Being from a family of alcoholics and eventually becoming one myself I was left with no other option but this one. It was my last hope. I can say that this medication works, and works well. You think clearer and your sleep patterns return to normal. Sleeping was a problem for me before. I would recommend anyone with a dependency problem to discuss this medication with their doctor or therapist.”

unclebumpy November 20, 2011

For Alcohol Dependence “I spent nearly a decade of my life in and out of rehabs and programs, losing jobs, ending up in hospitals, basically not being able to take care of myself and taking anyone who cared about me down with me. I was usually sober but when I relapsed I would do so much damage in such a short amount of time it really didn’t matter. I was recommended Naltexone. I’ve been sober for almost 2 years now. Allows your mind to think rationally as far as alcohol and drugs are concerned. “

Anonymous October 13, 2008

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