RISPERDAL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Autism “I have grown breasts from this pill. I swear if they don’t take me off this I’m gonna cry. I take a 10mg tablet and my chest size has grown and Im skinny. I’m only 18. Why can’t autism be more important researching for a cure then cancer.”

BobbyVesarce January 18, 2018

For Bipolar Disorder “I was hospitalized for major depressive disorder and placed on resperidone 1 mg and Celexa to combat depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. My feelings are that resperidone made me feel like a zombie, caused my thinking to be slower and less clear. I put on 50 pounds in the course of 20 months on this medication and that is even with regular exercise. So I do not think resperidone is worth the terrible side effects that it brings. I am now on Zoloft and coming off resperidone completely.”

EllaCB January 17, 2018

For Schizoaffective Disorder “I’ve been on this for three years and love it. No delusions, no paranoia. Side effects are non existent for me. No weight gain. I’m never tired. I sleep 6-7 hours of sleep each night and feel fine. Since being on Risperdone I’ve run two half marathons, work 40 hours per week and haven’t had symptoms in over a year.”

8BitHero (taken for 2 to 5 years) December 15, 2017

For Schizophrenia “This drug works for psychotic symptoms but its terrible in many ways! For example sexual dysfunction… I’m switching to abilify in a few months and hoping for the best.”

schizo09 December 1, 2017

For Schizophrenia “Three years of constipation on the meds just broke some mechanism related to bowel movements three years ago when I was on them, now on or off them now I don’t go. I’ve read hundreds of other cases of this happening with this. I also have severe IBS from the meds and can’t eat anything but fruit and vegetables without problems.Brain damage : I attempted to come of this med (risperdone) and tapered and still ended up with bad brain damage. I no longer have much in the way of thoughts or can think complex things, or higher processing, I can remember very little (I was incredibly smart before) this is the number one thing making me suicidal. I also can no longer feel what things evoke or derive enjoyment from many things. Severe sleep problems too.”

Avoid this med at all cost November 23, 2017

For Schizophrenia “This makes you restless after long term use. Good at controlling symptoms if you be patient with it. Ask your Dr to reduce dosage if you feel better after 3 years. Good Luck”

مجتبی (taken for 10 years or more) October 8, 2017

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