ROWASA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active “This is my third flare after being diagnosed with UC almost 5 years ago, so I consider myself lucky. I take oral mesalamine, which is becoming less effective against flare ups. My GI prescribed Rowasa, much to my dismay. It took 4 nights before I got the hang of administering the medication. Retaining it night 1 was almost unbearable. Night 2 was easier, but no less unpleasant. It helps to lay on your left side for 20+ minutes. I haven’t had an issue with leakage or side effects, other than the urge to have a bowel movement and really loud gurgling in my lower colon. Faint nausea that passed in less than a minute. But the benefits far outweigh everything – my flare up has diminished so much in the last 5 days!”

Young UC Sufferer (taken for less than 1 month) February 17, 2015

For Ulcerative Colitis “I took the advice of another poster and bought a large volume enema and did a clean out first. My Dr. is OK with it, though says I don’t need to. It sure makes hold it in much, much easier. I still sleep with a towel under me, but I don’t leak if I do the enema first. I would say that if you have a hard time keeping it in (as I did) try the enema bag trick….You can get one at any drugstore. It sounds not fun, but its not that bad and it works!”

Anonymous February 5, 2012

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active “It ‘sort of’ worked for the first few months after my diagnosis, but I was still having symptoms of blood about every other day. The only side effect was some increased hair loss (very noticeable to me, but not to others). It’s kind of messy and uncomfortable, terribly awkward if you are sharing a bed with someone, and you are supposed to lay still for awhile after you take it, which is a problem for an insomniac. I switched medications to Canasa when I was going to be traveling for a month because a month’s supply of Rowasa would have taken up half my suitcase. Canasa ended up working MUCH better and my symptoms were mostly gone a few months after I switched.”

Anonymous September 12, 2011

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active “Rowasa is helpful for administering mesalamine to the rectum and lower portion of the colon; my ulcerative colitis is particularly active there (and the Asacol I take is gone before it gets that far). It is a good complement (for me) to the Asacol and prevents the blood that otherwise often shows up in my stool.It is rather messy though. Administering it is a hassle, it tends to drip.They can give you mild cramps, however these go away if you lie on your left side for a few minutes to allow the medicine to flow into and coat the lower colon (this works fine for me, as I use it before bed).”

Anonymous May 25, 2010

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active “I have found that it works great for my flare ups. It is to be retained all night, which isn’t difficult as long as you do a full tap water bag enema first, empty, wait an hour or so and then inject the Rowasa enema. If you just simply use the Rowasa with a full colon, it becomes quite difficult to retain. If you do the Rowasa immediately after the big enema, you have absorbed too much water and not the medicine of the Rowasa. Bottom line is this: It’s no fun, but clean yourself out with at least one full bag enema first, wait and hour and then put it in. This always works for me. I hope it helps.”

Anonymous July 19, 2009

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active “Effective in gaining control of a moderate UC flare, but awful to use. This is an enema that should be retained – “Held in” all night. This is especially difficult for me during a flare. Don’t fart! Stains. Tip- squeeze all the air out before administering.”

Anonymous April 2, 2008

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