SECONAL SODIUM: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Insomnia “Seconal is not the vilified, evil drug that it has been made to be. Any medication has to be taken as directed and with caution. This medication works better for me than any of the benzo type drugs (Ambien, Lunesta (sp?) . I take Seconal as needed for insomnia and I sleep. I wake not feeling drugged or groggy and my memory is in tact. The aforementioned are terrible about memory loss and the hangover effect, in my experience. Thankfully I have a physician that knows the correct history and use of this drug. It is very, very difficult to find a pharmacy that carries Seconal. Bottom line when taken as it should be taken…it works wonderfully.”

Michaelman2` (taken for 1 to 2 years) June 9, 2015

For Insomnia “I’ve suffered from chronic insomnia and severe panic attacks since early childhood and was given many medications but they didn’t help me. I eventually was put on Seconal sodium (secobarbitol) by a new physician and I sleep well and don’t experience panic attacks anymore. I was taught to take my Seconal under my tongue with Nutra-sweet and on a four hour empty stomach. Also, I never experienced withdrawals when I was without this medication for two months. Seconal has made my life much better now that I can get restful sleep and no longer have panic attacks.”

Kimmy100 (taken for 10 years or more) November 14, 2012

For Insomnia “I have severe insomnia, secondary to serious problems with my back. Basically I need help falling asleep and staying asleep as something as simple as rolling over will cause me to bolt right awake. I take secobarbital (Seconal Sodium) and temazepam (Restoril). Usually, I take temazepam with Seconal at bedtime and another temazepam during my nightly awakening.Seconal is not used as a “first line” insomnia treatment any longer. However, if the weaker sedatives fail you, it really will get you to sleep. Absolute caution is needed, the reputed strength and history of this medication is no joke. “

Anonymous December 21, 2011

For Insomnia “This medicine was great for sleeping. It was the best that I ever had because I have sleeping problems. Rate it as a 10.”

Anonymous September 8, 2011

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