SELENIUM SULFIDE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Tinea Versicolor: “Works like a charm. It’s a bit messy though. Leave it on 30 minutes then take a shower and repeat in 3 days”

Brewzky February 26, 2018

Selsun Blue (selenium sulfide) for Tinea Versicolor: “I had been recommended that I leave it on while I sleep I ended up with chemical burns all over my chest”

Chocolate Rain August 12, 2017

For Tinea Versicolor: “Wash with selsun blue. I left it on for 10-60 minutes then pat the spots with apple cider vinegar. After drying, aloe vera. Great results in 5 days”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) May 12, 2017

For Tinea Versicolor: “PT 2: The next day, I woke up with burns in the creases below my breasts and where my skin had been touching (“stomach roll” to put it plainly.) I do sweat in my sleep and thought perhaps the friction of the skin contact with the lotion and sweat caused the reaction but after spending the next few days with my breasts TAPED up, the red marks began to heal and left some pretty bad skin burns that had to heal and were raw if I didn’t keep them dry with tape and cotton pads. The tinea versicolor did go away but I got a fun new skin irritation. Just wanted to warn others about my mix-up in case they read the comments wrong or have sensitive skin like me to be careful!”

Wish I had known this/clarity: May 10, 2017

For Seborrheic Dermatitis: “This dandruff shampoo is AMAZING. I have scalp psoriasis. I’ve tried ALL other dandruff shampoos. I even elocon lotion. But no matter HOW much dandruff shampoo or elocon I use, I STILL have a lot of flakes, even after a good hair wash. BUT I tried this shampoo, & even after just ONE application, when I got out of the shower, for the first time in YEARS, absolutely NO flakes. Not even one. Brilliant product. I LOVE IT”

Mermaid80 May 5, 2017

For Tinea Versicolor: “I developed tinea veriscolor during a particularly hot summer about 3 years ago. I’ve been to 5 different doctors and been prescribed every pill and lotion imaginable. None of them worked! I was embarrassed to go out, I felt like everyone could see it and I was so frustrated that nothing helped. THEN, I was in urgent care for an unrelated condition and the Dr took a look at my neck while checking my ears and told me to use Selsun (selenium sulfide 1%) as a lotion. I started using it at night a few days ago and my skin is redder, patchier and tender but I can SEE THAT IT IS WORKING! Moisturizing lotion is a necessity during the day with this treatment!”

CWombat (taken for less than 1 month) December 2, 2016

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