SENSIPAR: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Primary Hyperparathyroidism “I feel as though I was drugged sleepy, all day that’s all I would do, sleep throw up, nausea, all day the lowest dose is 30. That’s what they have us on the clinic dose. It’s some-kind of clinical trial that we are on @ A Renal clinical. I dislike that medication. The medications has too, too, many side effects. Too may people choose surgery over taking an increased dose it work but with all those side effects we are watch that we stay away from foods high in phospharate.”

licha-caleechi—- (taken for 1 to 6 months) December 15, 2017

For Secondary Hyperparathyroidism “Abnormal dreams and bothersome while taking sensipar. I have difficulty sleeping . Bad dreams stop and return to normal if I skip the dose”

Rob981234 September 3, 2015

For Secondary Hyperparathyroidism “Sensipar has worked well for me. Five plus year dialysis patient. Unfortunately being forced from private insurance to Medicare Part D with supplementary Part D private supplemental plan. Cost of Sensipar and it’s cumulative dollar cost along with all my other medications places me into the Part D donut hole almost immediately. Manufacturers patient support plan (which was wonderful when I had private insurance) stops when I transfer to Medicare Part D. There appears to be nothing for Medicare Part D patients from manufacturers. I don’t understand why but these are just the facts. Bottom line is that while Sensipar works effectively it is classified as a Tier 3 and is priced prohibitively.”

Hal1999 (taken for 2 to 5 years) December 21, 2014

For Secondary Hyperparathyroidism “I have severe bone pain in my legs and frequent bowel movements up to fifteen times per day. Parathyroid scan showed nothing abnormal. After taking Sensipar only three days I saw marked improvement. After 28 day trial, pain in the legs is 80% improved, (am a multiply operated spine patient so did not expect 100%). Bowel movements are more normal and once per day as they should be. This shows with just one month of treatment, that I do have parathyroid disease that was not picked up on scans. Now I can pursue treatment through surgery.”

Annie1441 (taken for less than 1 month) December 26, 2012

For Secondary Hyperparathyroidism “I’m a senior with a low fixed income. I am ever so grateful to the Sensipar assistance program. I have very high calcium levels and this medicine has cut it in half, I used to get very disoriented, confused, overwhelmed but now with this medicine I feel close to normal. I have had a great experience with this medicine and have experienced no side effects. “

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 6 months) May 18, 2012

For Secondary Hyperparathyroidism “I took this drug and had no side effects. On the other hand, it didn’t reduce my blood calcium levels.”

Spike5 July 22, 2010

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