SERAX: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Anxiety “After 43 years of anxiety/panic disorder, serax has helped me have a life. Dr’s tried many other treatments until I ended up in ICU with my heart enzymes elevated. Theme 25 years ago Dr started me on Serax, which finally let me have a normal life.”

Danielrh52 (taken for 10 years or more) June 23, 2017

For Anxiety “I would not use this medicine for more than a year. While it was effective – the side effects – began to be more problematic than themedication was worth. Wish I would have stopped it much sooner than I did and one must wean off – not go off cold turkey. My doctor apparently did not know this.”

susie s August 2, 2015

For Anxiety “Effective when having a particularly bad day on antidepressants but less effective when not on antidepressants. Find anxiety symptoms aren’t overly settled in comparison to Lorazepam unless you take a couple. Plus they take 45 mins minimum to kick in and during an attack, isn’t helpful. When not taking antidepressants, got up to 45mg on very bad days but was down to 1-2 tabs a month on antidepressants.”

Soundchain (taken for 1 to 2 years) May 17, 2014

For Anxiety “In the hospital, I was having major panic attacks. I was given Serax for bedtime. It was the only time I slept in the hospital.”

Maiseydotes January 2, 2014

For Anxiety “Just started taking Serax for my anxiety. I found it to make the anxiety go away!”

kaylapaulie June 26, 2013

For Anxiety “I have been taking Serax/oxazepam for 30 years for anxiety/panic attacks, works great! I started out on 10mg then after a few years was switched to 15mg. The past year or so I have been having trouble sleeping so the Dr. put me on 30mg to take only at night before bed which I do and it works great for sleep. So, I take the 15mg when I need them for anxiety and the 30mg only at night.”

Edward zxx (taken for 10 years or more) March 7, 2013

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