SILVADENE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Burns, External “I had Necritizing fasciitis before it was even being diagnosed, late 1990-early 1991. After two weeks of fighting it at home (yes, I know, but nurses are incredibly resistant to being hospitalized), I finally went to the ER. They admitted me, of course, and threw every antibiotic they had at it without any improvement. From the first day, they insisted I had burned the leg and I insisted that I had NOT burned it. After two weeks of multiple IV antibiotics with little if any response, one of the docs walked into the room and said that even though I insisted I had not burned it, he was going to treat it like a burn and that he was ordering silvadene. Four days later my leg had improved enough to go home.”

Retired RN August 10, 2015

For Burns, External “I had a small tattoo above my ankle that I had ab 5 laser treatments to remove, the process bursts the inks color molecules, those will, during your lifetime disperse throughout ones cells trying to be absorbed, among other things. The process left me with an “id” reaction and I’ve developed skin allergies to certain topical ointments such as “Neosporin” or Bactracin. I use Silvadene now in place of any antibacterial ointments, for all cuts, abrasions, wounds and it works perfectly.”

DannaBShel March 9, 2014

For Burns, External “AH-mazing! I used this as a little girl for a muffler burn (2nd and 3rd degree). It healed without even leaving a scar. I am using it now for burns suffered from falling into an outdoor propane heater; 2nd degree burns on my back and forearm. I am praying for the same amazing results! This medication is a God send.”

Anonymous February 23, 2013

For Burns, External “1983 sub zero air temps, transmission fluid blew into my husbands eyes/face. Burns all over his face. Silvadene cream applied and you honestly could not tell within 48 hours that he’s had burns! We’ve used it over the last 29 years as sparingly as possible when needed on various cooking burns. “

Anonymous October 12, 2012

For Burns, External “I cut off the meaty part of the palm of my hand and when I went to the doctor, I didn’t think to bring that part with me. It would not stop bleeding and it had to be treated like it was a bad burn, since there was no skin to cover the wound up. The doctor had me put silver sulfadiazine on my hand and it worked like a miracle. I must admit that my husband is a welder and when he gets a welding burn, we use this cream for those and it works fantastic!!”

Sharon K (taken for 1 to 6 months) July 10, 2012

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