SKLICE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Head Lice “Did kill lice HOWEVER 2 months later STILL dealing with side effects. Scabbing scarring itchy scalp. Dandruff & hair loss.DO NOT PUT THESE CHEMICALS ON YOUR HEAD!!”

Court19890000 (taken for less than 1 month) February 10, 2018

For Head Lice “My daughter who has extremely long think hair kept getting head lice. I treated her 2 previous times the typical way. OTC meds washing scrubbing boiling brushes. But she kept getting them. The 3rd time was it!! I looked online and found sklice. It was hard to find as most pharmacies around me don’t carry it. I drove in a snow storm 40 minutes away to get it!! I applied it and haven’t had a problem since…that was 4 years ago!”

I love sklice December 24, 2017

For Head Lice “One of my kids had magical powers to attract lice every year since like clockwork. (Yay for us, don’t be jealous.) So the first time I did the OTC kit, laundry, vacuuming the mattresses etc. A year later I did the same but didn’t get all of the nits. Those buggers are hard to find! Then a mom friend told me how Sklice paralyzes the nits and they CAN’T HATCH, so if I missed some they couldn’t hatch anyway. So YES after the one ten-minute treatment my kid still had nits in her hair, but they never hatched and I need picked them out as I found them without the anxiety of “what if I miss one?” Third time she got lice I went straight to pediatrician for Sklice and that took care of it.”

Repeat User (taken for less than 1 month) December 19, 2017

For Head Lice “Love it. Worked the first time”

Anonymous November 3, 2017

For Head Lice “Picked up lice staying at a friends house in North Carolina. She didn’t tell me her daughter was having trouble with lice every 4 months before I visited or else I would have stayed at a hotel. Anyway, I have tried just about every over the counter product and nothing worked. Read all the directions & followed the directions exactly. Then I tried home remedies. Nothing worked. I bought Sklice at $150.with insurance. It doesn’t work. I applied it to dry hair, used the entire tube, worked it in, all hair covered, left it on 10 min. as directed, washed it out and combed out the bugs and nits. The next day, I still have live lice. It’s now 2 days later and basically it didn’t work. It did kill some but not all.Now what? Such a nightmare.”

Now what? (taken for less than 1 month) September 20, 2017

For Head Lice “My oldest daughter had tons of live lice and eggs while my youngest appeared to only have eggs. We tried OTC and googled remedies without success. Went to the pediatrician and she Rx sklice which seems like it worked at first but now three weeks later there’s STILL eggs visible on my oldest daughter’s hair. Youngest is clear. I’ve been combing out eggs daily up to twice a day and STILL she has eggs. Frustrating”

Lauren0 (taken for less than 1 month) September 2, 2017

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