SODIUM POLYSTYRENE SULFONATE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

Kionex (sodium polystyrene sulfonate) for Hyperkalemia: “Had extremely high potassium, I have CKD Stage 4, the Doctor had blood drawn, called in this prescription. I was a bit hesitant to take it because of all the “side effects”. I then decided to take because I was feeling really bad, heart was palpitating, nausea, nose bleeding. The morning after the 1st dose I felt much better, no “trots” to the bathroom, the next morning after taking this medication I felt WONDERFUL!!!! I have not felt this good in over a year. To anyone who has high potassium, and needs to get it down, TAKE THIS MED, IT IS A LIFESAVER!”

GailS Med February 18, 2018

Kionex (sodium polystyrene sulfonate) for Hyperkalemia: “It was either a dose of Kionex oral Susp, or a trip to ER. The medication was a little chalk like but The flavor of raspberry quickly redeemed the quality of the product. Take it as directed from your physician. Important information such as your Potassium levels are important and if it is your first time can be scary. Know by research….. learn what you can do first….. it is a matter of life or death.”

kimiko March 30, 2016

Kionex (sodium polystyrene sulfonate) for Hyperkalemia: “It works to reduce potassium but it does so by inducing 6-8 hours of severe diarrhea. You can’t leave the house, can’t sleep, and are lucky if you can leave the bathroom.”

Anonymous June 30, 2015

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