SOMA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Muscle Spasm “Only thing that works, no problem getting it in California but Missouri is ridiculous. My doctor prescribes it but the pharmacists don’t want to sell it sell it, wonder why? If they had my pain I’m sure they would sell it to themselves.”

Who cares bout me (taken for 10 years or more) February 12, 2018

For Muscle Spasm “I haven’t been on Soma in a few years. However, today I was experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain and decided to take one. The pain was completely gone within 15 minutes, total pain relief. I have been taking narcotic pain meds but none helped like the soma and as fast. Narcotics pain meds aren’t so good for muscle pain and tension”

Blessed1-2 November 6, 2017

For Muscle Spasm “I was in a horrific accident.Nothing has worked as well as soma without any effects on the other medicine I take. Why mess with something that works. I also have fibromyalgia which helps with . Also helps muscle spasms. My doctor will still prescribe but insurance won’t pay for it. It is hard for me to pay each month but it gives me such relief I feel I have no choice but to buy it. I’ve tried the ones they suggested they didn’t work or clashed with my other meds.Why is it it when a person like me that is in chronic pain finds a combination that works where we can live a more normal life,they want to mess with it. I wouldn’t wish my pain, cramps, spasms on anyone but if they had to walk in our shoes one day maybe they’d put more thought into what they will pay for”

Knoleg (taken for 5 to 10 years) November 3, 2017

For Muscle Spasm “I have been prescribed Soma for over 20 years. I was first prescribed 180 a month and due to all the controversy over the medication with people taking it wrong or not being prescribed for them my doctor has gotten me all the way down to 120 a month with each new month getting less and less until I won’t be able to get them anymore. The reason I have been on them and my Lortab or Norco for so long is because I have had 3 Back surgeries and they still want to do more, 2 NECK surgeries, 4 Shoulder surgeries (2 on each) and Carpul Tunnel surgery on BOTH Hands. These meds have always worked and I DO NOT want to be on anything stronger that I could get seriously addicted to like Oxy’s and etc. If I don’t have my Soma my spasms are painful.”

Beausure (taken for 10 years or more) October 29, 2017

For Muscle Spasm “Best and most effective medicine. I was diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease (DDD) and have chronic muscle cramps, soreness, shocking pain at times I lose my breath. Physicians are fearful and forget their duty to treat pain. Seems as if things that work aren’t prescribed so you have to continue paying for visits and paying for medicine that doesn’t work. Doctors are suppose to monitor patients who abuse and misuse soma but nope, all of us are now drug seeking. I hate that I’m looked at that way. I just use herbal medicine.”

Klssocialwork October 18, 2017

For Muscle Spasm “Experience horrible muscle spasms due to cerebral palsy was on a very high dose of zanaflex for the last eight years topped out on that and my very brave and forward thinking doc put me on soma three times a day. It does wonders coupled with opiate lyrica and an NSAIDS I virtually have little to no spasms and wake up everyday happy instead of suicidal. I don’t understand why a perfectly harmless drug is so blacklisted it is not a barbiturate after you take soma it turns into meprobamate these drugs mimic barbiturates but are not true barbiturates like pheno or secobarb so doctors out there remember if ur not doing anything wrong the DEA can’t screw with you”

Soma sam (taken for 1 to 6 months) October 16, 2017

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