SPECTAZOLE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Tinea Pedis “Similar to the other review. I had tried several other over the counter medicines, but it wasn’t until my doctor perscribed me footcream with econozole nitrate that my athlete’s foot cleared up. I Highly recommend a creme with econozole nitrate to get rid of stubborn athlete’s foot.”

Anonymous December 12, 2011

For Tinea Pedis “I had Athlete’s foot, which I caught from the gym and it kept coming back with all medicines I used. It was blistery, itchy and weepy type of athlete’s foot. The foot doctor gave me Spectazole cream and almost within days it was better. Within two weeks it dried up nicely. I recommend it to all who have resistant athlete’s foot. It’s great.”

Aliaskat May 7, 2008

For Tinea Corporis “My two year old son had ringworm. I tried 2 different over the counter creams and sprays, and even nail polish. He had it for over a month, then I tried Spectazole from the doctor and its almost gone in less than 2 days.”

HuntersMommy May 7, 2008

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