SUBSYS: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Chronic Pain “I’ve been on opiates for 29 years. I lead a successful and happy life because I’ve always treated painkillers with respect. They are addictive, but they can give you back your life if you use them properly. 2 years ago my pain doctor switched out my breakthrough meds from 6x 30mg oxycodone to 4x 800mcg Subsys. I also take 3x 80mg OxyContin for steady pain control. Tonight I will use my last subsys, tomorrow I was to receive my next 30 day supply. HOWEVER, LINDEN CARE calls me today and tells me they are not sending it. No 30 day supply, no warning. My insurance company called them to okay it, but Linden Care told them since I don’t have cancer I’m not getting it anymore. My pain doctor tried talking to them, still nothing.”

MeKosmo October 20, 2016

For Breakthrough Pain “I had pelvic surgery from the best uro/ gyn surgeon in the Houston area. He royally meshed up my surgery leaving me with pelvic anuryzm. My pain is at 10+/24-7 without meds. I have not found any meds that would bring the pain below a 7 before I found Subsys. My only issue with Subsys is it only last 3hrs……never more. My Dr. Has me on 800mcg. He is very careful and will not increase it. Subsys is great….it’s just not a free for all.”

Diane D. September 8, 2016

For Breakthrough Pain “I was given Subsys as a replacement for 30mg instant release OxyContin. 800mcg 4x per day instead of 4x 30mg OxyContin. My usual opiate regimen is 3x 80mg OxyContin, which has been at this level for 16 years now. Combined with the 4x 800mcg Subsys my pain is controlled more than ever has been (since 1990 when it began), but the dosage is so strict that there are times when I have to live with unbearable break through pain for up to 8 hours. Is my pain under control? Yes, but I live with a pain level of 7-7.5 24/7/365. Without Subsys my pain would be unbearable.”

KosmoInNYC May 9, 2016

For Chronic Pain “I live with chronic pain from many different health issues. I have 3 types of migraines, liver disease, Crohn’s disease, gastroparesis, IBD, IBS, gerd, ulcerative colitis, pseudotumo cerebri too many things to list. However I stay in pain. I have been on every drug known to man and this is a fast acting medication that helps the pain and you don’t feel like your on cloud 90. My insurance has been great and now they don’t want to cover it but want to pay for a drug that cost more then this medication that will do nothing but make me in more pain because we get to play the guess game till we find the dose that will work if we do find one and then pay for more er trips. Not happy. Subsy gave me my hubby and kids back somewhat again.”

Kittykat2153 (taken for 2 to 5 years) January 16, 2016

For Chronic Pain “I am really pleased with the pain relief I get from Subsys (400mcg 3xday). The only bad experience I’ve had was a surprise withdrawal episode. I take the Subsys like clockwork and seldom am late with a dose. The only explanation I could come up with for the surprise withdrawal was a new habit I started of eating a piece of chocolate candy immediately after spraying a dose of the Subsys under my tongue. Apparently, the medication was not being absorbed in my system. I have sinced stopped that practice and hopefully won’t have any more ‘surprise’ withdrawal episodes.”

RSD-Left upper extremeity (taken for 6 months to 1 year) August 25, 2015

For Chronic Pain “I have extreme to severe chronic pain, level 8 to 9 due to multiple disc issues and a 2nd knee that needs replacing. Having been on MS Contin for years I built up such a tolerance that it did nothing for the pain so I stopped taking it. Last fall my pain specialist had me try Subsys. Good news, it was the 1st time in years I actually had some relief from the chronic pain. Bad news, good old Hussain Obama Care changed some of the insurance company rules beginning 1Jan2015 meaning unless I had a cancer diagnosis they would deny coverage as “off label”. After three months of relief followed by six months with zero relief life is almost unbearable as I am unable to function day to day.”

MammaMeesh (taken for 1 to 6 months) June 23, 2015

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