SUDAFED 12 HOUR: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Nasal Congestion “120mg of pseudoephedrine in one tablet is quite a lot and to be honest I needed to have a valium just to stop the jitters and extreme energy this tablet packs – I’m from Australia where codeine is sold over the counter and you can still get 120mg of pseudo in a tablet and it was definitely a case of the pharmacist making me out to be a criminal out to make meth….HOWEVER.IT WORKS!!!!! amazingly. Absolutely no congestion, I could breathe well and I had no issues with a runny nose. Again, downside was I felt like I was legitimately tweaking a bit, but other than that okay. Definitely for a few days’ use at a time only”

Wilkometre June 5, 2017

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