SYMBYAX: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Bipolar Disorder “Day one. Exhausted/lethargic Mild Headache Brain fogSlight elevation in mood. Less irritated. Pooped my pants. Seriously. Just as company rang the doorbell. Hopefully this junk passes and gets better.”

Loglady (taken for less than 1 month) May 26, 2017

For Bipolar Disorder “All I can say is Wow!!! I am myself again after all this time & trying so many different meds. I kept doing more research & finally found my dream drug. Symbyax. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. I tiny capsule instead of a handful of drugs.”

Kjlowe March 17, 2017

For Major Depressive Disorder “Symbyax has changed my life. I have battled treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, paranoia, and bipolar 2 for all of my life. I’m 46 years old. Since age 18, I’ve tried probably every SSRI there is, including Prozac by itself. I won’t list all the SSRIs and mood stabilizers I’ve tried because it would be a very long list. Nothing ever worked. I had a great career, but my problems have caused me to lose numerous jobs. The only time I felt how I thought I should feel was when I was on painkillers for surgeries; however, I knew that was not a treatment or sustainable. My doctor prescribed Symbyax (Prozac + Zyprexa). Within a day I was experiencing life the way I’ve always wanted to. I’m energetic, social, engaged, happy, etc. Great medicine”

GregD (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 18, 2017

For Bipolar Disorder “depression and listlessness loss of appetite”

sweet baby October 23, 2016

For Major Depressive Disorder “This medicine has worked wonders for me! Only problem is the weight gain – I have gained almost 40 lbs in 3 months.”

tja00 October 17, 2016

For Depression “This drug combination has literally saved my life 3 times. I suffer from comorbid spectrum anxiety disorders: OCD, Severe Panic Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I also have Major Depression.This combination worked so well, I took it for 3 years straight in my early 20’s. Went back to school, got a job, felt like my old self.The only drawback is the major weight gain, a mild tremor when waking, and some orthostatic hypotension. But if you take it easy, and watch your weight, you will feel better. I hope other people who feel hopeless see this, that is exactly how I felt. It is a great combination. Best of Luck!”

Timothy1595 July 30, 2016

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