TALTZ: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Plaque Psoriasis “Update on my Taltz. Been on it for almost 6 months now and am 100% clear. I saw clearing 3 weeks into taking the prescription and at 6 weeks, 100% clear which has been sustained through this time. Amazing experience for me and no side effects thus far. Thank you Taltz for making a difference in my life!”

talz_is_a_miracle (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 16, 2018

For Plaque Psoriasis “Been on the drug for 6 weeks now had upper respiratory problems after 5th injection sinus ear infection and after 6th shot (throat irritations and sinus drainage) took Tylenol and Mucinex & that seemed to work for me. It cleared my skin and scalp but little to none nausea. Only had to pay 5 dollars for my medication after insurance. Over all the medication did work for my plaque psoriasis but still questionable about side effects. I was on Enbrell for years and it almost cleared all my skin but some of my scalp. Enbrell side effects gave me some small boils and small colds (sneezing) after injection. Praying that this works for me; However, if the upper respiratory continues or worsening I will want to change because I can’t deal.”

Monique101 December 25, 2017

For Plaque Psoriasis “I suffer from inverse psoriasis, which is often misdiagnosed as intertrigo. The pain of this type of psoriasis is unbearable. I couldn’t move without severe pain that felt like a rubber band popping me from under my skin. It burned and itched as well. My husband works for Eli Lilly, and started doing research on what I was experiencing. He was able to help me in talking to my dr about Taltz, and my dr decided to go ahead and let me try it out. The insurance process did take about a month, which stunk, but was worth it in the end. I have been on Taltz since January 2017, and I started seeing serious results within my first 6 injections. It’s been a year now, and I’m 100% clear. I’m able to live my life normally again. Thank you Eli Lilly!!!”

MeliAnn (taken for 1 to 2 years) December 15, 2017

For Plaque Psoriasis “I have been dealing with Psoriasis since I was 17. I have tried everything under the sun (Including the Sun lol) Nothing seemed to work. The creams and ointments eased the intense itchiness but never cleared my skin. Finally my DR gave me injections. I have tried two other types before Taltz. One seemed to work but my liver enzymes went through the roof. Another cleared all the scales and flakes but my skin was always red. Then my DR said Taltz. I said ok. Taltz is the BEST. I didn’t have any side affects outside of the welt at the injection site which only lasted a few days. My skin was completely clear in a few days – weeks. I loved my skin again. It had been so long since I could say that. With the discount card my co-pay was $5.00.”

I. Torres (taken for 6 months to 1 year) November 14, 2017

For Plaque Psoriasis “I’ve had severe psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis for over 35 years. I have been on everything to treat psoriasis and or the rheumatoid NOTHING really helped. Nothing ever cleared my skin. Started Taltz January 2017 within a month I had completely clear skin and had less pain and stiffness with the rheumatoid. July 2017 I had a flare with the rheumatoid Dr. took me off Taltz, put me on actemra. It’s been a disaster! Psoriasis is back! It’s so bad that it’s unbearable and there’s no improvement with the rheumatoid, it’s getting worse! Saw my Dr. last week literally begged to go back on Taltz, Dr agreed I’m counting the days until I start Taltz again, I’ll NEVER go off it again. I can not wait to have clear skin again. Taltz is AWESOME!”

I Love taltz (taken for 6 months to 1 year) October 10, 2017

For Plaque Psoriasis “Started Taltz on 4/29/17 and took my final does a few weeks ago. I had such high hopes but it did not work for me. I’d taken Humira for years with amazing results until it stopped working last October. Then I tried Stelara. Skin got worse, much worse. Taltz seemed to help a little at first. Thinned out some of the plaques. Then it stopped doing even that and my skin has gotten progressively worse.Another note on Taltz…the injections HURT. I found them by far more painful than any others. And it didn’t stop hurting after the injection. Also, I had huge injection site reactions from it, 6 inch welts. It would have been worth the pain if it had worked. It didn’t.”

Rudimae September 2, 2017

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