TARGRETIN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma “Medicine takes time but it works great.”

Maurice404 June 27, 2016

For Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma “Diagnosed 2A/B MF 7/27/11. Prescribed 7 Targretin as initial dose- but put on gemfizibrol at same time. BAD MOVE. Crashed with triglycerides at 4600 ouch.ceased immediately – but without ‘stepping off’. Developed huge water blisters on every patch and plaque- clobestasol for healing on p/pl. reduced to 3- too low– increased to 4. Very steady progress for 17 mos; but personal stress relapsed to more patches. increased Targretin to 5- slept for 3 months until I was ‘level’ again. All patches are gone. All plaques are gone. My skin looks ‘lightly tanned’-but in a reverse pattern, haaa. It gave me my life ‘back’ as far as MF can let it. I wish I would have started it the MOMENT I was diagnosed. “

vansjan (taken for 1 to 2 years) August 3, 2014

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