TEKTURNA HCT: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For High Blood Pressure “I have only been taking for a few days and the nausea, diarrhea, and stomach upset are taking its toll on me. My blood pressure is fine and I am hoping that these side effects will get better with time.”

Anonymous November 1, 2009

For High Blood Pressure “My blood pressure topped 175/92 to 212/107, and my headaches were awful. Been on Tekturna HCT (take in the morning) combined with Exforge (in the evening) for a week and huge difference. Very low blood pressure and swelling from arms, face, and feet is going down. I feel much better, not so anxious, but I do feel a bit lethargic too. That might be because it is combined with Prozac. I am hoping I will get more energy as time goes on, but actually get sleep and not up and down like I was.”

MsFloridaLady August 25, 2009

For High Blood Pressure “I had uncontrolled blood pressure (170/105) and my Primary Physician prescribed Tekturna HCT for me and I must say I am VERY impressed. I used to get headaches that would last for days, cloudy thinking, palpitations. My blood pressure is now controlled at 106/68. At times I do experience a racing pulse, and today I had really bad muscle cramps in both my legs. Overall I think Tekturna is in a sense a lifesaver and I would recommend it to anyone who has uncontrolled high blood pressure.”

westwing April 8, 2009

For High Blood Pressure “Finally, after a year and a half of trying 16 other brands of blood pressure medicines, my doctor prescribed Tekturna HCT. It works. I feel great. I have to take a potassium supplement to prevent leg cramps, but all in all it’s the best one I’ve tried – with no adverse side effects.”

Anonymous August 21, 2008

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