TIAZAC: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Atrial Fibrillation “Hi,I’ve been taking 240 mg of tiazac every evening for the past 11 years after a trip to the ER at 37 years old.I waited about 2 hours to call the paramedics, but after being unable to climb the stairs I decided to call them. My heartbeat was still well over 200 when I got to the ER.I was lucky to be in good shape because it is well possible my heart would not have held on at that rate for that long. Tiazac works great for me.At first I tried 2 pills per day, but did not work very well.After a few weeks my doctor switched me to long release 240 mg.I’m still with it 11 years later and training for a triathlon in the fall and 25 k next spring.If your conditions allows it, exercise ! and drink decaf. ! (for me at least)”

canuck2016 (taken for 10 years or more) February 16, 2016

For High Blood Pressure “360mg/daily: severe thirst, dry eye, dry mouth, itchy skin. Went to have a 2nd opinion and that MD put me on 180mg ER twice daily with no ill effects. I must have been sensitive to an agent within the 360 mg SA compound.”

stargazer50 February 5, 2012

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