TRANXENE, TRANXENE SD: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Anxiety “I took it for a month to come off my valium it was great no longer on any benzos Its great”

Crispy 38 November 4, 2016

For Anxiety “15 mg as needed no more than 2 times a day was absolutely the right dosage for me. Side effects NONE. Very effective for panic attacks and general anxiety. I have tried most benzos, this is by far the best.”

liccione November 30, 2015

For Anxiety “I have been on this medicine over thirty yrs. Back then it was a “new trendy medicine” to help people with panic disorder. This has worked for me so I can live a normal life.. actually a MORE then Normal life! I had tried Xanax and many others with NO avail. This medicine has been extremely effective due to the long shelf life it works for me great! I was able to be a great mother, friend, and work my way up at work. I feel so many would benefit from this wonderful medicine as long as they take as Dr. orders it. Yes, over a time.. your body needs more of it. I have never experience any bad side effects from this medicine. I wish more Dr’s were informed of this medicine truly being a “medicine”! Please docs, help your patients!”

Holly25372537 September 10, 2014

For Anxiety “I’ve taken this for years (3.75mg.) only as needed and it has always worked well and never given me that “high” feeling. It just brings me back to being myself.”

Anonymous (taken for 10 years or more) June 28, 2014

For Anxiety “I was on several different more common anxiety medicines and they would wear off to quickly. Tranxene seams to be more stable and consistent levels in my body. Very helpful.”

LMK1910 January 2, 2014

For Anxiety “Traxene is one of the older medicines. I like it much better than Klonopin. I am on the second dose of 7.5. I do not take it every day, only as needed. It has no side effects like the newer medicines. It relives anxiety in about one hour, not as fast as others, but longer acting. It even takes away my sadness, which is probably caused from anxiety. I hope they never remove this medicine from the market. It is a wonderful stabilizer. Hope this helps others who read this.”

Beverly Anne July 23, 2013

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