TRIUMEQ: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For HIV Infection “I was diagnosed in February of 2016. My viral load was 180,000 and my cell count was 157. I had not been sick, but I feel I was on the verge. I had experienced some trouble with thrush, but that was the worst at that point. My doctor started me on Triumeq within a week of my diagnosis. I had absolutely no side effect other than my face itching! It was strange. My doc seemed to think it might have been my immune system revving up and doing a number on my Rosacea. It is better, by the way. Within four months I was basically undetectable at 95 na d my viral load down to 375. At last check in October of ’17, I was completely undetectable and my cell count up to 567. I am so very pleased. Other than the face itching, which has long since stopped, I have had not a single side effect. I do wish my cell count would go up faster, but I am so thankful that I have no side effects that I can’t bring myself to complain!”

Shanks (taken for 2 to 5 years) March 11, 2018

For HIV Infection “I found out October 2nd that I was HIV positive. Felt so unhealthy and caught it so fast. Losing weight, loss of appetite, having a really hard time sleeping when you’d always get those heat flash or waking up so hot. It was horrible in my experience. It took me a month to get this medication which is triumeq. The first medication my doctor had told me about and said it was the best one out there. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been one this medication going on 3 months now and my counts went from 150/500 to over 240/500 within a month. I’m doing way better. I’m way healthier. Even though I don’t like the tiredness and a frequently headache. But I’m telling you this medication works really great. I’ve never felt so much better and felt so much changed since I’ve been on triumeq. I should be undetectable by my next appointment I go to in a month. I couldn’t be more grateful for this medication that could help us all through this situation.”

Allenblack_97 February 10, 2018

For HIV Infection “I was diagnosed a few days before Christmas in 2017. I was going to be put on Atripla but after hearing horror stories I asked for an alternative, after a quick blood test for a gene I was put on Triumeq and after a matter of weeks my viral load went from the hundreds-of-thousands to undetectable and my CD4 has risen ever since, I’m now at 555. I wasn’t sure if I was prescribed Triumeq or a horse tranquilliser at first but even though they are quite big it’s still easier to swallow than some paracetamols. Overall I would rate this 10/10 and the side-effects seem to be nonexistent! I know everyone is different but I do strongly suggest to anyone who is unhappy with their current medications to ask about Triumeq because for me, it’s working wonders!”

Hazzatron February 9, 2018

For HIV Infection “I was diagnosed December 2018 this is my first day taking the medication. I’m gonna update my phone progress. A little scared as I’m 3 months pregnant and don’t want my unborn to contract the virus.”

Stay-positive January 30, 2018

For HIV Infection “I was diagnosed December 2016 with a high viral load (I don’t remember exact numbers anymore) and a cd4 count of 201. I went on Triumeq the day my diagnosis was confirmed.The first 4 weeks on this were absolutely terrible. I could not sleep, had crazy mood swings and was overall not enjoying anything. (Perhaps it also had to do with the news of this life changing diagnosis) but at my 1 month check up I was undetectable and my cd4 had doubled to 440 making all the sleepless nights completely worth it. A year later I have continued to be undetectable and have little side effects. Sometimes my foot goes numb, and my arms and legs fall asleep easily. I do occasionally have night terrors and very vivid dreams, but as a horror movie buff they don’t bother me. In my opinion this medication is amazing and one of the best out there.”

User73937292 January 28, 2018

For HIV Infection “I have been on Triumeq for over a year now and my viral load went from hundreds of thousands to undetectable. My immune system went from 300 to almost 600 now. I did have appendicitis and had to remove my appendix since beginning this regimen but don’t know if its related. I am obese weight at 230lbs an triglycerides are now high and blood pressure too. I’m trying to lower these through change of diet and exercise. Have been experiencing burning sensations in my right big toe and foot pain periodically. Don’t know if related to the drug. Cutting back on processed meats and red meats now hence they cause more inflammation. This helps tremendously as well as cardio exercise and plenty of water cutting out sodas now too.”

Eriii76 December 12, 2017

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