TROPICAMIDE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Pupillary Dilation: “My eyes are so sensitive to this medication that they dilute it only using 50 percent. Even so I have an extreme reaction to it and have very dry eyes since. I would like to find an alternative to this medicine as I feel it seriously damages my eyes.”

RoseAbc January 30, 2018

For Pupillary Dilation: “side effects blurry vision disorientation, confusion, itchy eyes”

marygumbo (taken for less than 1 month) November 16, 2017

For Pupillary Dilation: “I used to wear contact lenses. In a recent eye exam, my optometrist applied 0.5% tropicamide and 0.5% phenylephrine (Myfriin-P) on my eyes. She did not warn me to wear sunglasses after check-up. My eyes exposed to intense sunlight 15 minutes afterwards without sunglasses. Then, I suffered eye pain for almost 2 months now and severe dry eye. I read many information afterwards. Corneal permeation of Tropicamide may enhanced by phenylephrine and may enhanced also its strength. Sun exposure further complicated the harm.”

abutt September 12, 2015

For Pupillary Dilation: “As soon as this medicine was put into my eyes I felt an intense burning sensation in my eyes. Approximately 5 minutes after the drops had been put in I began feeling jittery, uneasy, and my head felt very strange. I couldn’t see up close at all for over 4 hours, but that’s a given whenever having your eyes dilated. I don’t know if this was a psychosomatic effect or not, but I felt very out of it and my hearing was affected as well. I remember when the doctor was speaking to me after the exam had been completed my hearing was going in and out, kind of like I was in a long tunnel. Overall, this experience scared me, and I’m not sure if I would want to have this done again. Although, I am glad that by doing this I now know my eyes are healthy.”

smartchick August 29, 2009

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