TYLOX: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Chronic Pain “While pregnant with baby #3, I started having joints pop out of their sockets (I’ve been diagnosed with EDS, but at the time my doctors had no idea what was going on). This caused extreme pain, especially when it was a hip. My OB/GYN prescribed Tylox for the pain and it helped a lot. After giving birth, I was prescribed Tylox following my c-section and breastfed my baby with no ill effects. As for the “it is unknown if this medication passes into breastmilk”…that is completely untrue. Dr. Hale has studied nearly every medication on the market using breastmilk samples (& blood, plasma, etc). For any doctors reading this, or any nursing mothers, I recommend you look up “Medications and Mother’s Milk”.”

JennyAndBaby January 20, 2017

For Pain “I had either an abscess tooth and/or nerve exposure. The Tylox worked within a matter of minutes for me. The pain from this toothache made giving birth seem like nothing. It will definitely get me by until I can contact my dentist first thing Monday morning.”

Mstigeress in LA August 14, 2016

For Pain “Was given Tylox capsules after having back to back abdominal surgery. Pain was greatly reduced, and side effects were low, only itching and slight drowsiness.”

Krisie June 28, 2013

For Chronic Pain “Given by a dentist for a dry socket. This medication was the only one we tried that actually took away the pain without the drowsiness or confused feeling normally experienced with pain medications. I would recommend it 100%.”

Starkd February 24, 2013

For Pain “Very effective. Back pain was gone. I was very silly.”

Quorrah May 10, 2011

For Pain “I was on Tylox for 4 yrs to control pain in my Left foot. had 3 op on foot in 7 yrs. Tried every pain killer out there, but my pain was killing me until a doctor gave me this. I took this drug 4 yrs, then went off it myself, I had to cut back until I did not need it no more. Now I got wounded in IRAQ due to a IED, same leg. Now left knee and same foot. Back on Tylox, only medicine that works for me.”

Tigger ( tig23 ) January 14, 2011

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