ULTRAM: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Back Pain “My sister was prescribed this medicine and has become addicted to opioids. Tread very lightly if you plan to take this drug. I would advise not going near it. “

pegasaurus February 14, 2018

For Chronic Pain “My Doctor prescribed me this for chronic pain. I tried it 3 weeks in a row and it did nothing for my pain! I was really excited about getting it and trying it and was so disappointed. Though it did help me a couple of time’s coming off of stronger prescription painkillers. It was helpful with some of the withdrawal symptoms.”

Lymelife January 28, 2018

For Chronic Pain “I have been on this medication for about 4 years due to Ankylosing spondylitis and I find it pretty effective. However, I have found that this medication caused unexpected side effects. It was pointed out to me that shortly after taking a dose, I undertake massive projects that I normally wouldn’t, become extremely talkative, insomnia and motivation that wasn’t there originally. I was diagnosed as being bipolar a year ago and these are all symptoms of the “hypermania” aspect of Bipolar disorder. My doctor has found that Ultram put me in a “manic state” and when the medication begins to wear off I tend to become anxious and agitated. There are studies reflecting this online. I would not recommend this medication if you are bipolar.”

EMTDad (taken for 2 to 5 years) December 1, 2017

For Chronic Pain “Had bad luck with Ultram and never took this garbage drug again. I have Chronic Spine Pain and 23 Major Spine Surgeries. I have DJD, bilateral, lumbar adhesive arachnoiditis and Neuropathic pain in left leg ( thigh area) with anterior and lateral nerve damage from lumbar Spine surgery. Now have to take Neurontin 400mg capsules for this leg pain. Also, Ultram made me very uncomfortable and did not like the sensation whatsoever. Did not help my Pain at all and side effects make me tell them I am allergic to the drug. I do not want anything that doesn’t assist my Chronic Spine Pain! There are plenty of opioids that help me so much better. Just have to work well with my Pain Specialist.”

eherzel69 September 4, 2017

For Pain “I was prescribed this for a tooth infection. It did nothing to help elevate pain except when I added Tylenol and ibuprofen. I was also taking antibiotics at the time. Since I had to combine so many medications it would not be fair to discuss side effects. I hope this medicine works better for others.”

Winchester Jenn August 27, 2017

For Pain “Took severe pain away. Hand and neck arthritis. Take with 2 Tylenol or ibuprofen every other dose for best relief. Brand name ultram 50 mg every 5-6 hrs if needed. For me, took most pain away! Better than vicodin and not sure why but so happy I have it. Cons: occasional nausea and big time constipation-take with laxative or colace. I started pill slowly- two 25mg per day over period of a week and worked up to 50 3 x per day over 3 weeks.”

Ksattie (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 24, 2017

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