VERELAN PM: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Cluster Headaches “My neurologist put me on just about every preventative medicine on the market and none helped stop my clusters. A high dose of Verapamil ER finally did the trick. (240 mg 3x a day) After almost 25 years of episodic cluster headaches I have finally been virtually headache free for about 3 years now! I am a bit worried about the side effects of taking such a high dose for such an extended time though. I’ve recently been having some voice issues and I’m wondering if there is a correlation.”

qtipwoman July 20, 2013

For High Blood Pressure “I have had excellent results with this medication and only minimum side effects ( occasional constipation. I am a long-time calcium channel blocker taker and so far it has been an excellent prescription.”

Bayridge Ron December 30, 2008

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