VIMPAT: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Seizures “I have grand mal (tonic-clonic) seizures which are the full body go crazy type. They started 2 years ago with no warning or cause. I’m now 28 years old and the neurologist at mayo and scans/images see nothing wrong. I started with keppra but that didn’t do a thing. I used to have 1-3 seizures every 30 days. I started on 100mg, then 200mg twice daily since May 2017 and seizures have at least lessened to at most once a month. I went 3 months before a seizure (new record!) which is great. also lessened the strength of my seizures and the postictal phase.I do experience heavy memory loss, difficulty remembering new things, random headaches, difficulty w/ speech and finding the right words, and rarely random dizziness but that goes away quick.Overall, I can work and I’m still me”

Delty (taken for 6 months to 1 year) December 13, 2017

For Seizures “Had blurry double vision first week and half, felt mildly drunk headed also random spaciness and yes that’s a word lol. Also on Trileptal. so far it’s helped but it seems to be an intoxicating substance or it really brings out the side effect profile of clonazepam. I would bet its Vimpat alone.”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) November 12, 2017

For Seizures “It was a great drug has stopped my seizures for 5 years. But the problem is I think I am very allergic to the medication. I started having side affects that I noticed about a year after starting vimpat. Extreme hair loss to where it was just falling out in the showe,r my hair has thinned so much. Itching all over my body scalp legs arms. Ringing in my ears. Little bumps all over my body, I have gone to a dermatologist but he says it’s dermatitis I have never had that until vimpat. The newest thing in the last 2 years severe cystic acne on my face, I have never had acne maybe a bump or 2 as a teenager. 2 years ago at 36 I started getting painful cystic acne this is also because of vimpat. And last of all weight gain, I am 38.”

Anonymous (taken for 2 to 5 years) October 14, 2017

For Seizures “I have been using vimpat since 2011. I found a New Doctor in 2011 he ordered Vimpat 100mg 2x a day, along with Clonezapam .05 2x a day, Somehow this was the perfect combination of both medicines as I have been Seizure free for 5 years! Vimpat Works For Me! :-)”

Rboo September 24, 2017

For Seizures “Got switched to this after being on Aptiom (which made me crazy). I’m having less seizures, but it’s like my brain is shrinking. My memory has gotten worse, which is saying something. I can’t think of the simplest words sometimes, like I’m losing part of my vocabulary. I haven’t had any emotional issues. I feel back to myself in that respect, but like every other medicine it will work for a while then I will slowly start having more frequent seizures. This is lasting longer than my others, but it feels like it’s not just keeping my neurons from over-firing. It feels like my brain is shutting down slowly. Idk what to do about it.”

Jen4105 September 13, 2017

For Seizures “Vimpat saved me!After years of off and on again seizures (petite mal), I struggled with Epival as a lone source of control. A few years ago my Neurologist combined Keppra to my medical regiment. It worked fairly well for about a year or two in controlling my seizure. One of the major problems was that my emotions went wild. When I was happy I was ecstatic, when I was sad I was depressed and when I was perturbed, well, I was furious and not fun to be around!Sadly, my seizures returned and then my Neurologist placed my on Vimpat (together with Epival). Since the change life has become MUCH better. I am back to my normal self. The person I was many years ago, and I am ever so grateful!”

ScooterVIP August 16, 2017

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