VIVACTIL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Depression “This is one of the most under rated drugs for depression. I found it myself and every time I mention it to a new doctor, they have never heard of it. I am afraid they will someday stop making it, which would be a tragedy. It saved my life–multiple times–when NOTHING else worked. I’d had every SSRI in the book thrown at me (because, OF COURSE if one doesn’t work, SURELY another of the same type will). No weight gain–actual loss. Pulls me out of suicidal despair within a few hours. I still have a bottle for emergencies. For me, however, as a longterm treatment, it would start making me apathetic–not lethargic, just kind of nonchalant. After 3 days on it, I would want to quit my job. Fast acting, low side effects, mildly energizing.”

Scruffykins July 30, 2017

For Depression “This drug worked to pull me out of the sort of depression where I had no energy,no interest in doing anything & was completely paralyzed and unable to make any decisions. It took 5 weeks to bring me a good day and then I had 7 more bad. Then another good day, and another etc…, and I never went back into the depression. That was 3.5 years ago. It took about six or nine months before I trusted that the depression was not coming back soon. old is so no longer sampled, but good if needed.”

existentialjoy September 26, 2007

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