WELCHOL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For High Cholesterol “Started taking Welchol in 2012. To date my LDL has dropped 30%. I recently took the time to read the insert with the medication and was appalled to see that this medication contains aspartame. This is the sugar substitute that I stopped using several years ago because of the muscle pain I was experiencing. Two weeks later the muscle pain was gone.I was also diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer in April, 2015. Aspartame is suspected to be a cancer causing agent.What is this drug company thinking? Stevia is a sugar substitute that is safe and it’s a natural sweetener. If a sweetener is necessary, why not use Stevia. I am weaning myself off of Welchol, and will consult with my cardiologist at my next visit.”

Jan 2 (taken for 5 to 10 years) October 1, 2017

For High Cholesterol “I had my gallbladder removed in 2002 and have been dealing with IBS after eating for 14 years and thought I had to just live with it as a consequence of surgery! I have had high cholesterol for years, so my primary care physician prescribed this drug. It stopped my IBS and will lower my cholesterol, it also helps with my hypoglycemia. win,win,win…. im 57 and before using this drug I wasn’t enjoying life much worried about toilets and heart disease or expecting to live a long full life.Now 3 less thing’s to worry about : )”

strega440 February 1, 2016

For High Cholesterol “Medicine worked initially to lower cholesterol but became less effective as time went on. Also, taking three of those “horse pills” twice a day is difficult! They are huge pills.”

MAPster July 28, 2015

For Diarrhea, Chronic “Love Welchol…… Thanks to my family doctor I can feel normal again”

Soccer mom for 3 October 27, 2014

For Diarrhea, Chronic “After 41 years of horrible pain, diarrhea and incontinency, I met a GI Dr. Who Ordered Welchol. I thought he was nuts. Within 4 days I was normal. I would willing mortgage my house to pay for this medicine. Max dose 6/day. I now have a Life. It’s so nice not to be told I was nuts, nervous, anxious, need a shrink and all the other crap I listened to for 41 years. I have been fine for almost 6 years with only 2 one day relapses. My gallbladder is fine. I am one happy camper. True story folks.”

Tin Type lizzie October 22, 2014

For Hyperlipoproteinemia Type IIa, Elevated LDL “My Cardio. wants my LDL lower than the 88 it is now, because of my having a bypass surgery in 1999, he wants it below 70. After about a week of taking 4- 625 mg pills per day I have noticed a change in bowl movement. I used to go once at breakfast, then about an hour later had another Bowel Motion, but more violent and loose. Would stay in the restaurant until 2nd Bowel Motion most of the time, or make sure I was close to one of my usual emergency rest stops–Dr. office, gas station, Port-John or rest room at the mall when doing post breakfast walk. Now, if this works on my A1c (now 7.5) and lowers LDL, without extreme side effects, I will be very happy. After this short period of time I’m feeling pretty safe about not being caught unprepared.”

NittanyLion July 13, 2014

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