XELJANZ XR: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Rheumatoid Arthritis “Since being diagnosed with RA 6 yrs ago, I have tried what seems like every medication & combination with very little to no results. Two years ago, my rheumatologist prescribed Xeljanz in addition to the Plaquenil I was already taking. I have seen a big difference in the degree of stiffness & pain I’ve endured for so long. I still have occasional flares which I consider normal but overall I am extremely pleased. I would do a tv commercial in a heartbeat to recommend it!”

Agnes (taken for 2 to 5 years) March 8, 2018

For Rheumatoid Arthritis “On my 3rd week with no improvement, increased pain, swelling, and FEVER exponentially increased, (not “core” temp just “hot joints”) decreased energy, frequent headache, and increased depression! I didn’t know any of these things could get worse than they already were? But they have! 🙁 Hanging in there because mine is in every single joint and “unrelenting” I don’t really have flares cuz mine is constant daily (and nightly) pain, swelling, the fever “

LosingHope111 (taken for less than 1 month) September 26, 2017

For Rheumatoid Arthritis “Along with starting XELJANZ XR I’ve changed my entire diet. Taking on this fight to put myself in remission so that I don’t have to live my life with needles, infusions, severe pain, I wanted to find my own path to remove the inflammation, joint pain out of my body. Today has been three successful weeks of living on a plant based diet I’ve discovered ((it’s what we put in our bodies)) that’s got us so sick. You must change your diet today. This medication is working! after trying infusions, injections, 7 different pills a day and I still couldn’t move, enough of that! This is the best I’ve ever felt In four years. This medication and diet have changed my life.”

BPositive1414 August 20, 2017

For Rheumatoid Arthritis “I have been on so many different drugs for my RA, this one has been the best one yet. I do have insurance, but the cost with insurance is still very high ($1000) a month. My doctors office helped me to help from Xeljanz to pick up the difference.”

roxban July 16, 2017

For Rheumatoid Arthritis “Xeljanz XR is the first medication to truly give me relief. I has allowed me to live somewhat of a normal life! None of the biologics worked and methotrexate was a bust with lots of side effects. I’ve been on it for 9 months and an very happy.”

Nana Me May 9, 2017

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