XELODA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Breast Cancer, Metastatic “I will be starting my 4th round next week of Xeloda (generic). I have stage 4 breast cancer that I have been battling for over 6 years. Tumor spread to the liver, some sort of tumors near my kidney pressing my urethra, and pleurisy. I was losing 1 to 2 lbs a day.This is only my third therapy in all those years. My first round was 4,000 mg per day for 14 days. We had to adjust as the pain in my feet became horrific after a week. I am now taking 3,000 mg per day for 7 days on; 7 days off. I am no longer losing weight so we know the xeloda is probably working on the liver. The pleural area is not refilling (had surgery); kidney was saved with stents. Please do not be quick to jump to another drug (only when they stop working).”

Cheryl C (taken for 1 to 6 months) July 13, 2017

For Colorectal Cancer “I am in my 2nd month of taking xeloda after going through 36 rounds of chemotherapy since 2013. My intake of xeloda is 3 pills every twelve hours for 7 days and off 7 days. The side effect I am experiencing is the discoloration of the inside of my hands and the bottom of my feet, they also tingle and are painful at times. I am often tired and have also had pain in my shoulder and chest. I don’t know if this medicine will keep the cancer from coming back, but I’d rather deal with these side effects than the chemo.”

Rozeya (taken for less than 1 month) February 2, 2017

For Breast Cancer, Metastatic “I have been taking Xeloda 500mg. for approximately 5 months with only a few side effects I am on one week and off the next. I am tired during the week I am on with occasional diarrhea. I have noticed my hair thinning more but not too extreme. I don’t have any hand or foot peeling as others do. I sleep really good and my appetite has not been affected. On occasion my gums feel a little tender. The best part is my tumor markers continue to drop in number! This is working for me.”

SueZi December 12, 2016

For Breast Cancer “Xeloda has brought my tm’s down slowly but consistently. However, when I changed to the Mylan brand ( insurance made me switch to the Accredo mail order)I had a horrible experience after one cycle. The other products/binders in this brand included lactose and a combination similar to Miralax. I became lactose intolerant and dehydrated due to severe diarrhea. Also had severe myalgia and arthralgia.I am now back on the Teva brand and seem to be doing well.”

Lizzie5 (taken for 1 to 6 months) September 10, 2016

For Breast Cancer, Metastatic “Appears I have developed lactose intolerance on my third cycle”

Lizzie5 (taken for 1 to 6 months) July 30, 2016

For Breast Cancer, Metastatic “I am thankful this drug didn’t kill me! After taking this drug for 8 days the side effects started and went from bad to worse…blisters on hands, and hands and feet as well as every fold in my skin turned black and I had severe diahrea, that ended up putting me in the hospital for 6 days. The medicine reacted to my colon and it was wide open, couldn’t hold anything down, lost 17 pounds is 7 days, although the weight loss was welcomed, I wouldn’t suggest going about it this way. I stuck it out for the full 14 day regime and my doctor believes that with taking the drug for the first cycle hopefully it shrunk some of the tumors which are in my jaw, spine, collar bone and left femur. New treatmen coming after I recover from Xeloda!”

BC Survivor May 18, 2016

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